Ask the Expert: Stephanie Sammons on Growing Influence on LinkedIn

February 13, 2016

As an expert on building influence, Stephanie Sammons’ career is proof that her methods work. Her name has become a trusted brand; small businesses rely on Stephanie Sammons Inc. to grow their digital influence and attract, win, and keep clients. Stephanie’s book, Linked to Influence, is a #1 bestseller on Amazon in multiple categories.

Throughout her marketing career, Stephanie has shown that building influence builds a business. When you have a strong reputation, you attract the right people to unlock opportunities you might otherwise miss.

Stephanie was kind enough to share her influence-building expertise with us in a recent interview. Read on to learn how to establish, grow, and maintain a powerful LinkedIn presence.

Q&A with Stephanie Sammons, Bestselling Author of Linked to Influence and Digital Influence Marketing Strategist

LinkedIn: What is your advice for marketing professionals who are just getting started building a presence on LinkedIn?

Stephanie Sammons: LinkedIn is a fairly complex and sophisticated social network. There is a lot to learn and there are many features to take advantage of as a marketer. The best way to gain traction on LinkedIn is to immerse yourself in learning the platform. Once you have a comfortable working knowledge of how to best market yourself on LinkedIn, you can develop your strategy.

I recommend actively building up your LinkedIn presence for a minimum of 90 days. Be consistent and show up every day within that time period to quickly build your visibility and influence. Your hard work will pay off. Once you have established yourself as an influencer on LinkedIn, you can scale back to spending just a few minutes per week maintaining your presence and staying on top of your network!

LinkedIn: You literally wrote the book on becoming more influential on LinkedIn. How do you define digital influence? What business purpose does it serve?

Stephanie Sammons: I view digital influence as the art of building a strong reputation, focusing on relationships, and creating raving fans. When you build your influence on LinkedIn, you don't have to sell. The right people and opportunities will come to you.

Your influence also accumulates over time. The more influence you build, the greater your impact and the greater your income potential. This is true for LinkedIn, and for your entire digital presence.

LinkedIn: How do you measure success on LinkedIn? What metrics do you use?

Stephanie Sammons: The best measure of success on LinkedIn is in the relationships that you are able to create and cultivate. There is no greater business equity than trusted relationships.

To learn more about Stephanie’s consulting and education work, visit Stephanie Sammons Inc. For a comprehensive look at building influence on LinkedIn, pick up a copy of Linked to Influence.

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