Make Your Reservation for the "B2B Dinner for Five"

Introducing our new TV Show – top marketing minds, no agenda and plenty of wine!

March 30, 2017

This post originally appeared on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions EMEA Blog.

What happens when you sit down with some of the most original thinkers in B2B marketing, no agenda – and plenty of wine? You get The B2B Dinner for Five. It’s a unique TV show that takes on the key issues in marketing over three courses of unguarded conversation, with behind-the-scenes stories, provocative opinions and secrets you wouldn’t find shared in any standard interview.

The pilot episode of The B2B Dinner for Five stars Doug Kessler from Velocity Partners, Rebecca Allen of Contently, Adobe’s John Watton and Jessica Gioglio of Sprinkler. I was there too – and I can honestly tell you, I’ve never been part of a B2B marketing discussion quite like it.

That’s why we’ve decided to hold a unique, online premiere for the launch of The B2B Dinner for Five – and we’d love you to join us for it. On Wednesday, April 5, at 3pm (GMT), we’ll broadcast the full 20-minute episode and then hold a live Q&A with all of the cast. It’s a great chance to put our dinner party guests on the spot about their views, their insider stories and their confessions – and keep the conversation going.

To whet your appetite, here’s the trailer for our pilot episode:

"B2B Dinner for Five" Trailer

We’re very proud of our new show, very excited to share it with you – and we’d love you to join us for our digital premiere. Click here to make your reservation. We’ll see you at dinner!

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