The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Sponsored Content

August 11, 2015

The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Sponsored Content

It’s a content marketing world. Buyers read more than 10 pieces of content before making a purchase decision. As a marketer, it’s your job to make sure as much of your content as possible is among those 10 pieces.

It’s also your job to make sure that your content is in front of buyers early and often in the purchase process. That’s because 74 percent of B2B buyers chose a company that was first to help them and add value early in the purchase process. This fact means you need to provide insights and be among the first to guide the prospective customer through the purchase process.

B2B marketers understand that content marketing is an imperative. More than 86 percent of B2B marketers now rely on content marketing to provide valuable insights and to acquire prospects. This reality means you’re fighting for your prospects’ attention among a bigger crowd than ever before.

One crucial way that increasing numbers of marketers are getting their content noticed is with LinkedIn Sponsored Content. What are Sponsored Content? They are LinkedIn’s flagship native advertising format.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns are highly effective because they:

  • Provide accurate targeting by leveraging LinkedIn member data, such as job function, company name, seniority, and skill set
  • Reach your audience when they are on LinkedIn and are engaged with a professional mindset
  • Deliver a premium audience of LinkedIn members, 80 percent of whom influence business decisions at their company

To help marketers get the most out of LinkedIn Sponsored Content, we are introducing a new eBook, The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Sponsored Content. Whether you’re new to content marketing and want to be part of the larger conversation on LinkedIn or you already have Sponsored Content campaign under your belt, this guide can help you leverage this highly effective native advertising format.

The eBook will equip you with the knowledge required to discover great content you already have, and hone in on the right content marketing strategy to reach a targeted audience of professionals on LinkedIn.

Download our new guide and learn how to:

  • Set smart goals for your content marketing and native advertising efforts on LinkedIn
  • Develop a robust content strategy to effectively engage a professional audience
  • Create a bid strategy and budget that makes sense for your marketing objective
  • Test and re-test your content to optimize for best results