Lead Nurturing: Are You Still Marketing in the Mosh Pit?

July 25, 2015

Mosh Pit

Even if you've never been in a mosh pit—that tangle of sweaty bodies and sharp elbows at a rock concert—you can probably imagine how hard it is to carry on a conversation there. It's way too loud, way too intense, and way too hectic. People in a mosh pit aren’t there to talk, so it would be madness to try and engage them.

For marketers who focus their efforts at the bottom of the funnel, trying to gain the attention of prospects can be like marketing in a mosh pit. Sure, every once in a while you can capture someone's attention and pull them away from the fray. But for the most part, your efforts will be lost in the noise and motion. By the time buyers reach the bottom of the funnel, they've already set decision-making criteria and have formed strong opinions.

These buyers reached the bottom of the funnel through self-directed research—that is, through content. By adopting a full funnel marketing strategy that includes lead nurturing, you can engage and educate buyers early in their decision-making journey. Read on for strategies you can use to reach buyers before the competition for their attention reaches mosh pit levels.

Behold the Power of Content

As buyers become more socially connected and self-directed, sales reps are seeing longer sales cycles and fewer opportunities to engage before the buyer makes a decision. Forrester Research shows buyers are already 70-90% of the way through the funnel before engaging with sales professionals.

Buyers now escort themselves through the funnel using content, rather than guidance from sales reps. To reach these self-directed buyers it’s important to make sure they are reading your content. And you can raise awareness of your brand in these early stages by engaging on social media, publishing and promoting stellar blog content, and strategically expanding the reach of your content among the right audience using options like native advertising.

Engage, Retarget, Capture

Many marketers struggle to engage top-of-funnel prospects because they are largely anonymous. Studies show only 5% of visitors to your site will leave their email address. With a full funnel marketing strategy, you can continue to engage the other 95% throughout their buying journey.

Today, more marketers are using remarketing and display ads to keep their brands top-of-mind with anonymous website visitors. These ads can be personalized and tested based upon how visitors interact with your site. A recent Harvard Business School study showed how display ads can significantly improve search conversion, concluding “Both search and display ads also exhibit specific dynamics that improve their effectiveness and ROI over time.

Nurture over Nature

Because sales cycles are getting longer, and because most of your audience is not ready to buy now, lead nurturing is a necessity if you want to ensure your brand stays front and center during the entire buyer journey.

With a solid lead nurturing campaign, you can build brand affinity while shifting the buying criteria in your favor along the way. Segmentation and automation make lead nurturing more efficient, enabling you to reach a small segment of your audience with personalized content for maximum impact. A Sponsored InMail campaign can be a great way to reach a highly specified audience with personalized content.

Measure and Refine

In-depth measurement and analysis are essential for optimizing your lead nurturing programs over time. Using full funnel analytics, you can measure the impact of your marketing programs at every stage of the funnel. Click through the SlideShare presentation below to discover innovative tactics you can use to engage buyers throughout the decision making journey.

If you’re tired of shouting to be heard, escape the mosh pit by adopting a full funnel marketing strategy that includes lead nurturing. You can use native ads, display ads, and Sponsored InMail campaigns to engage potential buyers with personalized content. And when your audience members are ready to buy, your brand will be positioned at center stage, safely away from the mosh pit.

For a more in-depth look at how lead nurturing can help you rise above the noise, download the Sophisticated Marketer’s Crash Course in Full Funnel Marketing.

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