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October 14, 2014


There’s a lot of gray area when it comes to native advertising. There are multiple definitions, various approaches from the publishers and platforms, and different strategies employed by the advertisers themselves. In the marketing world, native advertising is still a relatively novel concept – one that will continue to evolve in the coming years.

Native advertising has spurred intense debate with strong opinions from the blogosphere. Because native ads are built into the visual design of a site, and are made to feel like a natural extension of the existing content, much of the pressure is being applied to publishers with lack of full disclosure as the primary complaint.

While it remains to be seen how the prominence of native advertising and the various levels of disclosure will affect publishers over the long haul, publishers aren’t the only ones who need to act responsibly. Brands looking to engage consumers via native advertising campaigns should perform due diligence to ensure they are providing value to consumers rather than damaging the relationship. This means choosing the right channels and leveraging the context of the channel to empower consumers with highly relevant content.

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