LinkedIn Launches Sponsored Updates API and Partner Programs

New Certified Marketing Partners expand content marketing capabilities

April 24, 2014

Content is key to helping marketers and agencies build relationships with target audiences, which is why we have made it our mission to continually move our content strategy forward.

Last year’s launch of Sponsored Updates accelerated the progress of our content offerings dramatically. In fact, Sponsored Updates have quickly become our fastest growing Marketing Solutions product.

Today, we’re advancing our content platform once again by announcing two new types of Certified Marketing Partners – Sponsored Updates Partners and Content Partners – who will make it easier for brands and agencies to scale their content marketing efforts on our platform.

Our Sponsored Updates partners provide customers with advanced tools, powered by our APIs, to manage their Sponsored Updates campaigns, while our Content Partners provide access to high-quality content to enhance an advertiser’s activities on LinkedIn. Both are part of our Certified Marketing Partners program, which connects brands with leading companies who have the tools to help them increase visibility and performance on our platform.

Introducing LinkedIn Certified Sponsored Updates Partners

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates API Partners

Sponsored Updates Partners help companies improve the ROI for their campaigns. They provide campaign management tools that make it easier for brands and agencies to manage and optimize large Sponsored Updates campaigns. For example, they have best-in-class solutions with the ability to create bulk updates across many campaigns, target different audiences at scale, schedule updates in advance, and track campaign performance using rich reporting dashboards. They also make it more efficient for brands to use a single dashboard to manage their paid content activities on multiple social channels. During the pilot with partners, our customers experienced an overall lift of more than 30% in engagement rates on their Sponsored Updates campaigns, higher than what they saw during prior campaigns without partner services.

For companies that do not allocate resources to manage social media campaigns, some of our Sponsored Updates Partners also offer managed services, providing expert campaign strategists to oversee activities on behalf of the client.

We’re launching our Sponsored Updates Partner program with five of the industry’s top companies, including AdStage, Brand Networks, SHIFT, the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud (which includes, and Unified Social. Many organizations are already working with these partners on social campaigns, so we’re excited that our mutual customers can now run their LinkedIn campaigns using these partners’ tools.

Introducing LinkedIn Certified Content Partners

LinkedIn Certified Content Partners

We also know that one of the on-going challenges for organizations is simply having enough quality content to share with audiences, so we’re also excited to announce LinkedIn’s Content Partners program. This effort connects companies with publishers, platforms, and original content producers to help them deliver content under their own brand name.

Through our Content Partners, we make it possible for brands to have greater access to the most relevant information for their target audience, which in turn brings them greater engagement and improved performance. During our pilot phase, we had several customers perform in the top 1% for all Sponsored Updates campaigns using the content provided by our partners.

As part of this effort, we’ve certified 10 companies, including publishers The Atlantic, Bloomberg, CBS Interactive, and IDG Communications; content platforms Newscred and Percolate; and custom content creators like Atlantic Media Strategies, Contently, Freshwire, and Group SJR.

Content is an important driver of engagement on LinkedIn, and our members get tremendous value from brands that deliver quality information and insights. We’re pleased that we can offer new ways to enhance the LinkedIn experience for them everyday. Click here to learn more about our Certified Marketing Partner program, and specifically, about Sponsored Updates Partners and Content Partners.