LinkedIn’s Top Performing Sponsored Updates of 2014

December 11, 2014


There’s no shortage of “best of” blog posts this time of year, and with the success seen with our flagship content marketing product – Sponsored Updates – there’s no way we could leave this one out of the mix. After all, 2014 marks the first full calendar year in which Sponsored Updates, LinkedIn’s native advertising solution, have been in full play for marketers around the world.

Over the past year, we’ve seen companies take advantage of the unique opportunities Sponsored Updates provide to reach targeted professionals in the LinkedIn feed. As a result, we’ve also seen them knock performance metrics out of the park.

When taking a look at the Top Performing Sponsored Updates of 2014, we noticed that all of this year’s top posts saw engagement rates that were higher than 1% based on the number of clicks, likes, shares and comments.  Results like these may have you wondering, “How do brands actually achieve that level of engagement?”

As LinkedIn’s content marketing consultant, I’m constantly analyzing what top brands are doing to succeed on the platform. Here are some of my best tips for brands crafting content to promote through Sponsored Updates:

  1. Don’t talk about yourself. A former communications teacher talked about phrasing your messages with the WIFM, or “What’s In It for Me,” in mind. Your target audience likely cares more about their own success than about yours. Aim to make them more successful.
  2. Keep it simple. Remember that people are scrolling through their news feed, and long copy is less likely to keep their attention unless it’s really compelling.
  3. Images matter. Back to the point about scrolling -- a compelling image is sometimes the best hook.

Want to learn more about what works well on LinkedIn? Check out the 10 Top Performing Sponsored Updates in the SlideShare below:

It’s been a transformational year for our Marketing Solutions business and Sponsored Updates has become the fastest growing product line in LinkedIn history.  We’re excited to see brands leveraging it in so many creative ways, and are looking forward to seeing how companies evolve their marketing efforts on the platform in the coming year.

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