5 Enhancements to Boost Your LinkedIn Dynamic Ads Campaign Performance

August 8, 2017


First impressions matter. In a world competing for limited attention, it’s more important than ever for marketers to connect to their customers with personalized messages to make that first impression count. Data-driven Dynamic Ads help brands deliver messages that are relevant and customized to each LinkedIn member.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads are:

  • Native: displayed in right rail, with a look and feel that fits in with the environment
  • Personal: customized for each member that sees them, pulling unique profile data points into the ad
  • Flexible: created with your content, LinkedIn assets, and your choice of personalization (company name, first name, full name, job title, and/or job function)

To help you drive even more ROI from Dynamic Ads campaigns, we’ve rolled out five new features:

  • Include or exclude LinkedIn followers with enhanced follower targeting. If your objective is to gain more LinkedIn followers, you can now exclude existing followers from your Dynamic Ads campaign.
  • View exactly how many new followers were captured by a campaign with updated follower reporting.
  • Showcase your brand while still benefiting from Dynamic Ads functionality with custom backgrounds.

  • Track campaign performance across vendors and view-through attribution with third party impression tracking powered by Doubleclick, coming later this month.
  • Measure the business impact of campaigns and gain new insights with LinkedIn conversion tracking, now available for Dynamic Ads. Use these insights to optimize your Dynamic Ads campaigns for results that matter.
  • Make strong first impressions and drive higher ROI with highly personalized LinkedIn Dynamic Ads, available through a sales representative.

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