Get More out of Conversion Tracking for Your LinkedIn Ads with These 3 Enhancements

September 25, 2017

Since launching conversion tracking for LinkedIn ads a year ago, more than 13,000 performance marketers have used this essential tool to measure and improve the ROI they’re getting from their LinkedIn campaigns.

Today, we’re excited to announce three new features designed to help you more easily hit your performance objectives using conversion tracking.

Get More Conversions for a Better Price with Bid Auto-Optimization

Bid auto-optimization makes your LinkedIn Sponsored Content campaigns mightier than ever by helping you get more conversions at a lower cost per action (CPA). It’s ideal for marketers who want an even easier way to collect quality, cost-effective leads or generate demand using Sponsored Content.  

Here’s how it works.

When you use bid auto-optimization, LinkedIn’s ad server will employ a behavioral model to predict which members in your campaign target audience are likely to convert on your ads. Our system will automatically place a higher campaign bid to reach members who are more likely to convert, while bidding lower on members who are less likely to convert.  

The result is that with auto-optimization, your campaign will reach more people who have a higher probability of conversion. In the process, you should see your campaign CPA improve and your conversion rate go up.  

We recently piloted bid auto-optimization with about 150 customer campaigns. On average, campaigns using auto-optimization saw a 13.5% lower CPA compared to campaigns that were not using this feature.  

“We’ve always felt that LinkedIn campaigns delivered high quality leads. However, we wanted a better strategy to reach our cost-per-lead goals,” said Adam Higgins, digital marketing manager at Autodesk, a developer of 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. “In this regard, bid auto-optimization was truly a game changer: We've seen up to 4x improvements in our CPL when using auto-optimization on our Sponsored Content campaigns."

Bid auto-optimization is available today as a free add-on for any Sponsored Content campaign using cost-per-click bidding and conversion tracking. Visit our Help Center to learn how to activate this feature from your campaign’s bid settings, or go to LinkedIn Campaign Manager to try bid auto-optimization today.

Track Conversions from Events like Button Clicks

Today we're giving advertisers like you a new way to use conversion tracking for your Sponsored Content, Sponsored inMail, Text Ads, and Dynamic Ads campaigns – even if you don't have a traditional "thank you" page that someone sees after they convert. Using our new "event-specific" conversion pixel, you can count a conversion whenever someone recently exposed to your campaign completes an event on your site, like clicking the "Submit" or "Download" button on your form-fill.  

You can generate an event-specific pixel on the same page in Campaign Manager where you normally create your conversion actions. Simply email the pixel code to your web developer and ask this person to add it to the HTML markup of the relevant button on your website. Setup instructions are available in our Help Center.

Customize Your Conversion Attribution Window

Let’s say a LinkedIn member sees or clicks on one of your ads, and then converts on your website a day later. Now, instead, imagine they convert a week later, or a month later. In which instance would you want to credit your LinkedIn campaign for that conversion?  

Soon, you'll have the power to choose.

In the coming weeks, we’ll give you the ability to customize the attribution window for your conversion tracking campaigns. With this capability, you can decide how long after the last ad click or impression your campaign is eligible to record a website conversion.   

Using custom attribution windows, you’ll be able to instruct Campaign Manager to count campaign conversions that occur up to 24 hours, one week, 28 days, and one month after the last ad click or impression. This feature will give you the flexibility you need to track conversions in a way that works best for your unique marketing objectives.  

Expect to see customizable conversion windows in Campaign Manager before the end of the year. Once this feature is available, you'll be able to adjust the window for each conversion action separately, on the page where you normally create all of your actions.

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