How to Pick the Perfect LinkedIn Product for Your Marketing Objectives [Decision Tree]

August 21, 2018

people engage with video ad 3x more than static linkedin ads

For the past few months, your business has been diligently developing a bank of organic thought leadership content. You’ve monitored the trending storylines on LinkedIn, joined in on key conversations, and leveraged subject matter experts within your organization to turn their unique perspectives into videos, blogs, and other organic assets.

In terms of relevance and quality, your content checks all the boxes; so why is engagement lower than you’d like it to be?

In the current digital landscape, creating an organic presence is only half the battle. Even with a calculated organic media strategy, the content your organization is producing is only valuable if the right people know about it.

For instance, that piece you published about the impact GDPR is having on multinational organizations should have been a big hit—and it still can be. 

This is where paid media promotion enters the picture.

If your goal is thought leadership, choose Sponsored Content

Looking to drive eyeballs to the thought leadership content you’ve created on your website (including the GDPR piece)? Consider leveraging LinkedIn's Sponsored Content ads. These ads, which allow you to engage your target audience directly within their LinkedIn feed, can generate awareness for the organic content you’ve worked tirelessly to curate and direct readers to your website.

Including impactful quotes and stats from organic assets in your Sponsored Content posts can make your ads more valuable to the reader and generally boosts engagement. Check out these 10 awesome examples of Sponsored Content ads for inspiration.

If your goal is an immediate action, choose Sponsored InMail

Depending on the types of organic content your organization has created and your strategic goals, incorporating Sponsored InMail messages or Display Ads into your paid media strategy may be the perfect way to boost your business’s visibility and impact.

For example, if your goal is to elicit a specific, tangible action (i.e. an RSVP to an upcoming event or on-demand webinar), InMail may be your best bet.

If your goal is reach, choose Display Ads

Display Ads are for when you want to blanket the internet with your message in the most cost-effective manner. These ads live in the right rail of the LinkedIn desktop and come in a variety of formats, including Programmatic Display Ads, Dynamic Ads, and Text Ads.

Pick the perfect LinkedIn product for your strategy

That was a lot of words. We're big fans of simplifying it down to one helpful visual, so we've created a handy decision tree to help you seamlessly choose the exact LinkedIn product to satisfy your marketing objectives:

For more on exactly how to leverage LinkedIn products to make the most of your social media marketing strategy, download the free Organic + Paid Playbook and start making the most of your content.