A Powerful Combination: Using LinkedIn Conversion Tracking + Marketing Automation

October 11, 2018

People Coming Together and Combining Forces

Marketing automation is about making life easier by adding efficiency and convenience to your team’s daily workflow. It’s no surprise that automation platforms like HubSpot and Marketo are so widely adopted.

At LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, we’re also striving to make the lives of our customers easier, which is why we offer marketing automation integrations for products like Lead Gen Forms and Matched Audiences.

Here, we’ll discuss how you can leverage one of our most powerful ROI tools, Conversion Tracking, in tandem with your marketing automation software.

Why Integrate Conversion Tracking with Your Marketing Automation Platform?

Marketers are tasked with proving the impact of their campaigns as clearly and accurately as possible. The tracking functionality in mainstream automation platforms is helpful, but can frequently miscount conversion totals due to false positives (i.e., users who quickly bounce from your site) and subsequent conversions (i.e., users who view an ad but don’t convert until days later). LinkedIn Conversion Tracking provides more accurate insights by accounting for time spent on site and “view” conversions.

Implementing Conversion Tracking, via the LinkedIn Insight Tag, in addition to your platform’s built-in analytics will give you a clearer picture of your ad’s effectiveness, helping inform and optimize your efforts. You can continue to use your marketing automation tool’s landing pages, but install our tag to get the benefits of both worlds. Here are some instructions for Marketo and Hubspot (note: just replace with LinkedIn code).

Beyond this benefit, adding the Insight Tag unlocks more functionality for your LinkedIn marketing program, such as automated bidding and retargeting. You’ll also gain access to LinkedIn demographic data around your website visitors, helping you learn more about the specific types of professionals converting on your pages. This, in turn, enables you to adjust your targeting for superior results.

And here’s the best part: setting up Conversion Tracking with marketing automation platforms like HubSpot and Marketo is extremely easy and painless.

Cover Your Tracking and Augment Your Automation Analytics

If you’re already using a marketing automation platform, why not get more value out of your LinkedIn ads by adding our Conversion Tracking and leveling up your optimization capabilities? It’ll make your life easier and it’ll make your marketing strategy stronger.

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