Marketers Share Their Top Tips for LinkedIn B2B Marketing Success [Video]

In this series of short videos, marketers share their keys to successful LinkedIn B2B marketing. Discover the specific practices that have helped them achieve results on LinkedIn.

June 28, 2018


“LinkedIn is changing the way people are being marketed to.”

Those aren’t our words, but we were pleased to hear them from one of the many B2B marketers developing strong connections with prospects and customers on the platform.

What aspects of LinkedIn marketing drive this sentiment? And which practices can other organizations adopt to hit the sweet spot with their audiences?

We wanted to gain insight from pros who are making it happen in the field, so we chatted with reps from five different companies that are excelling in their LinkedIn B2B marketing efforts.

See what they had to say by watching the short videos below:

Offer Meaningful, Relevant Content

Joon Shin of Aha! suggests that today’s web users are tired of blatant and pushy ads. He sees the future of marketing as one where companies build trust through delivering useful content, and views LinkedIn as an ideal place to provide professionals with professional resources.

Take Full Advantage of Data Targeting Capabilities

An engaged audience, strategically reached through LinkedIn’s powerful filtering options — such as job titles, skills, and groups — has been key for Kelly Cheng of Pagerduty. A.J. Wilcox of B2Linked and Doug Lewis share similar thoughts, and add that they’ve found it valuable to break audiences into smaller segments to uncover new insights around specific demographics within their prospect bases.

Stray Away From Your Norm

It’s easy to get caught up in those tried-and-true “marketing best practices.” But Dandrew Cruda of Sift Science recommends stepping outside your comfort zone and getting more experimental to differentiate your brand.

Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

Cindy Phan of VMware says her company has been able to lower cost-per-response and improve quality of leads by focusing extensively on their most valuable prospective accounts, and always A/B testing.

LinkedIn is indeed changing the way people are being marketed to, opening new avenues for personalized and highly relevant engagements. These trailblazers are helping set the standard for what effective B2B marketing looks like on the platform. We encourage you to incorporate their tips and develop a few of your own.

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