Quickest and Easiest Opportunities for Sales and Marketing Collaboration [Infographic]

January 4, 2018

LinkedIn Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and marketing alignment is widely viewed as one of the most critical business directives for 2018. To get an idea of where this ongoing initiative stands globally, we surveyed thousands of sales and marketing professionals from five continents to get their perspectives.

Our research revealed widespread gaps and shortcomings, with problematic consequences. But the findings also illuminated some key opportunities for improvement in the coming year.

The infographic below summarizes some of these insights, which you can read in full by downloading the Power Couple eBook on sales and marketing alignment.

Here are a few of the questions you’ll find answered below:

● Among business reporting improvements with sales and marketing alignment, what are viewed as the key factors?

● Is it advisable to have the two departments share budget and resources?

● Which actions can you take now to get things moving in the right direction?

● What’s the best way for your organization to measure your progress and efficacy in this regard?

Learn how to assess your organization’s sales-marketing collaboration and how to improve it by downloading The Power Couple: How Sales and Marketing Alignment Makes your Business Unstoppable.