Why Should Marketers Use LinkedIn Conversion Tracking?

April 25, 2018

LinkedIn B2B Marketing

Seeing is believing. This is a fundamental tenet that guides us at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, and it’s why one of our core focuses is providing clear analytics and reporting around all our services. 

Marketers shouldn’t have to guess how well their campaigns are performing. With LinkedIn Conversion Tracking, a feature available in LinkedIn Campaign Manager, you don’t need to. Using this tool, you can see (and believe) that your efforts are producing the desired results. If they’re not, you can quickly make adjustments to minimize wasted time and spend.

If LinkedIn is a part of your marketing strategy and you’re not using LinkedIn Conversion Tracking, it’s time to get on board and take advantage. Here’s why.

4 Reasons to Use LinkedIn Conversion Tracking 

Consistently Align with Your Objectives

We frequently encourage marketing departments to be more strategic in their approaches. A key component of any strategy is setting goals and continually measuring against them. 

This is the core function of Conversion Tracking. Whatever the objective of your specific campaign — such as clicks on a landing page or PDF downloads — the tool provides an easy method for assessing your progress toward achieving it.

This is especially critical for marketers who must report results to superiors. Conversion Tracking removes the ambiguity and provides concrete data to show that your ads are doing what they were designed to do. 

“The functionality has helped us optimize our ads, ad copy, and offers in real time,” said Marketo’s Divya Dutt after implementing Conversion Tracking for Sponsored Content. “We have been able to adjust our budget and spend based on which campaigns are performing and bringing in conversions, versus the ones that are only generating clicks.”

Unlocks Powerful Optimization + Analytics Features

You might have Google Analytics or another third-party channel tracking your conversions across media channels. We definitely recommend doing that, but there’s also value in installing our native conversion tracking.

"Optimizing for conversions has been a game changer. We've been able to decrease our CPL by 44% - allowing us to penetrate our target accounts with more efficient budget usage." Logan England, Manager-Paid Media, Workfront

What’s the point? Well, you unlock some powerful optimization and analytics features!

Here are the few biggest features you get:

1. Lower your CPAs automatically with conversion auto-optimization: For Sponsored Content campaigns, marketers can take advantage of LinkedIn’s ad server automatically adjust your bid to prospects who are more likely to convert. Use of this tool can reduce cost-per-acquisition (CPA) up to 13.5%.

Activate on the Bid and budget tab on your campaigns in LinkedIn Campaign Manager or learn more here.

2. See what types of people are converting with Campaign Demographics – Ever wonder what type of people are actually converting campaigns? When you install our native conversion tracking, you get access to our free campaign demographics, where you can learn the demographics of LinkedIn members, such as their job title, industries and companies. Check out the “Demographics” tab next to “Time series” on your campaigns.

3. Retarget members who express interest in your business – When you install LinkedIn’s conversion tracking, you get access to a suite of marketing tools, including retargeting. With retargeting, you can create ads to members have already expressed interest in your business. They are much more likely to convert too!

Versatile and Flexible

What does Conversion Tracking measure, anyway? Well, any number of things.

Whenever you’re running an ad on LinkedIn that takes users to a landing page, you can track whether they are taking the desired action once they arrive there. Downloads, installations, sign-ups, purchases, registrations? They’re all quantifiable through Conversion Tracking. Whatever tangible step a user takes to move forward in your funnel as a result of clicking your LinkedIn ad, you can measure it.

For obvious reasons, this is far more valuable than simply gauging traffic to a page. Where ROI is concerned, it’s usually not about clicks, but conversions. What’s more: with our native conversion tracking, you can see view-through conversions. Basically, if someone saw your LinkedIn ad and then converted, you can attribute that view! Other tools can’t show you view-through conversions.

Soon, Conversion Tracking will become even more valuable, because this month, we added custom conversion window or “look-back” window

Now, marketers can adjust their conversion window for both view-through and click-conversion to 1 day, 7 day or 30 days. Benefit? Marketers can now match their goals and buying cycle. 

Simple to Set Up and Use

We’ve all got enough on our plates. The idea of setting up any kind of new digital tool or feature can feel stressful and irksome, especially if you’re not a tech whiz. But believe us when we say that setting up LinkedIn Conversion Tracking is very straightforward, and not as technical as you might expect. All you’ll need to do is place an Insight Tag on your website, create a conversion action and plug it into Campaign Manager, then observe your dashboard on a regular cadence. 

Good news: we also support 6 tag managers to deploy our LinkedIn Insight Tag. A tag manager is single place where you can manage and deploy websites tags in one place – without getting into the code!

It’s quick and fast, and you don’t need to get your developer or web team to do it manually. Here are the tag managers we support. Learn more

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Adobe Launch / Dynamic Tag Management
  • Tealium
  • Ensighten/TagMan
  • DDX/Coremetrics
  • DFA Floodlight

Get on the Inside Track

The bottom line is this: marketing teams that measure and optimize every possible element of their operations outperform those that are passive and hands-off. LinkedIn Conversion Tracking provides crucial insights to inform and improve any campaign you’re running on the world’s largest professional network.

See it. Believe it. Then make it better. Sign into Campaign Manager and click Conversion Tracking under the tools menu to get started.