9 LinkedIn Learning Courses That Can Modernize Your Marketing Skills in Minutes

September 19, 2019

9 LinkedIn Learning Courses That Can Modernize Your Marketing Skills in Minutes

If given the chance to redo your schooling years, particularly those last few, would you do anything differently? 

If you’re like most of the people I’ve spoken with or overheard over the years, the answer is an emphatic, “Yes!” Maybe you had a little too much fun. Maybe you didn’t have enough. Maybe you would’ve focused less on amassing facts and more on application. Maybe you would’ve focused on something else entirely. 

Whatever your regrets, when it comes to education these days, every rising sun presents an opportunity for a do-over. (Thanks, internet!) If we’re not satisfied, if we’re striving for better, we can start to reshape our future within a few clicks. There’s no need to rearrange our schedule for a semester or more to make it happen. An hour here or there is all it takes. 

Here we recommend nine LinkedIn Learning courses for the marketer who wants to improve by leaps and bounds without paying an arm and a leg in terms of time and money. 

The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn: The LinkedIn Learning Course

About the course: Consider this course your launching pad for anything you could want to achieve on the LinkedIn platform. It was created by distilling the top takeaways from our most popular educational destinations, The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn and the Resource Hub, into instructional videos that make it easy to put our most potent advice into action. 

About your instructor: Alex Rynne is an award-winning global content creator here at LinkedIn. She’s been on the front lines of the content marketing revolution at LinkedIn for the past five years. 

Why it’s valuable for modern marketers: Mastery of LinkedIn comes with great advantages for B2B marketers. This course squares you up with the basics, shows you what’s new since you last looked around, and even shows you how to separate your brand using some of the more advanced features available today. 

Social Media Marketing Foundations

About the course: More than a mere snapshot of popular social channels and best practices for using each of them, this course focuses on helping you set a rock-solid foundation through a documented, purpose-driven social media strategy. 

About your instructor: Brian Honigman is the CEO of Honigman Media, a content marketing consultancy based in Philadelphia. He teaches leaders how to drive business value from content marketing, social media, and SEO. 

Why it’s valuable for modern marketers: Social media is the modern-day gateway to establishing authentic connections in the business world, but it takes planning and innovation to stand out from the crowd. In this course, practical advice prepares you for the reality of the social landscape. 

Learning Personal Branding

About the course: You’ll find oodles of advice about personal branding without needing to look too hard. What’s unique about this course is that it explores your personal brand from a content marketing framework. You’ll get the why and the how, along with advice for going after aspirational goals such as speaking engagements. 

About your instructor: Chelsea Krost has been a pioneer in the influencer marketing and personal branding space since starting her own radio talk show at age 16. 

Why it’s valuable for modern marketers: A powerful personal brand offers up a distinct competitive advantage for all facets of marketing these days. It’s like having a half-lap headstart for every one of your endeavors. 

Advertising on LinkedIn

About the course: This tutorial covers the gamut, from understanding how to create LinkedIn ads that work to organizing your campaign to optimizing for better results over time. Everything you could need to run a calculated campaign and report back ROI is here. 

About your instructor: A.J. Wilcox is the founder of B2Linked, an agency that specializes in account management and consulting with LinkedIn ads. 

Why it’s valuable for modern marketers: B2B marketers generally need to reach a very specific audience, and need to do it at scale. This course provides the playbook for meeting both objectives using LinkedIn ads. 

Business Storytelling

About the course: At a shade over sixteen minutes, this course cuts through the fluff to deliver the storytelling essentials you need to know. Instructor C.C. Chapman walks you through the process he personally uses with his clients to develop a story. 

About your instructor: C.C. Chapman is an award-winning content creator who has worked with HBO, Verizon, and Coca-Cola. 

Why it’s valuable for modern marketers: To ignore storytelling is to dismiss how humans think and process information. Unless your target audience is comprised of bots, storytelling is a skill you’ll want to excel at.  

Marketing on LinkedIn

About the course: If you’re relatively new to marketing on LinkedIn, and you’re looking to make a big splash without a big budget, this is your course. You’ll learn how to establish an impressive presence using your personal and company profiles. Then, you’ll discover how to bolster and expand your brand to forge connections in the communities that matter most to you.

About your instructor: Marcus Murphy is Head of Business Development and Partnerships at DigitalMarketer. He’s also been a member of LinkedIn’s customer advisory board for the past two years. 

Why it’s valuable for modern marketers: There’s a ridiculous amount of clever, impactful marketing opportunities on LinkedIn available to you at no cost. This course crystallizes those opportunities, tidily placing them in your purview for future use. 

SEO Foundations

About the course: From covering SEO fundamentals to helping you plan out your long-term search strategy, this course can take you from complete novice to SEO crackerjack in a single afternoon. 

About your instructor: David Booth is a consultant, instructor, and one of the founding partners of Cardinal Path. He is a recipient of the Digital Analytics Association’s Practitioner of the Year Award. 

Why it’s valuable for modern marketers: In our everything-is-indexed world, showing up in organic search results has almost become a prerequisite for earning an audience’s attention if you have any sort of budget limitation. For this reason and more, every marketer today should at least a baseline understanding of SEO. 

Storytelling with Data

About the course: This course isn’t about creating fancier charts and more glamorous graphs. Those might be added perks, sure, but the main point of this course is to help you tell gripping stories through the combination of valuable data and timeless storytelling techniques. 

About your instructor: Paul A. Smith is a corporate trainer in leadership and storytelling techniques, and is a bestselling author of three books about storytelling. 

Why it’s valuable for modern marketers: When it comes down making a buying decision, companies typically go with the vendor whose story “adds up” more than the others. Leveraging data can go a long way toward making your brand’s story both more compelling and credible. 

Writing to Be Heard on LinkedIn

About the course: This course could also be titled, “Writing to Be Heard, with Bonus Tips for Writing on LinkedIn.” It’s about writing, of course, but it’s also about playing to your strengths and environment to increase the likelihood that you’ll achieve the marketing and community-building objectives you set out for. 

About your instructor: Daniel Roth is the executive editor of LinkedIn, overseeing a global editorial team that creates, curates, and cultivates breaking news and views across LinkedIn. 

Why this course is valuable to modern marketers: We all have thoughts and ideas. It’s how we express them that determines whether we stand out and get heard. Here, you’ll learn how to write great posts, thoughtfully interact with your audience to further enhance your thought leadership, and unearth opportunities to amplify your newfound writing skills. 

Roll call! There’s no time like today to be present. Set aside some time and get started on Marketing on LinkedIn: The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide today!