The Sophisticated Marketer's LinkedIn Learning Course is Here!

September 4, 2019

The (Free) LinkedIn Learning Course for Marketing Mastery is Here!

It’s back-to-school season! There’s no better time to embark on a journey to master your marketing approach on LinkedIn. Our brand new LinkedIn Learning course, Marketing on LinkedIn: The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide, serves as a full syllabus for sophistication when it comes to building brand awareness, engaging your audience, and generating quality leads on the platform.

Here’s a quick preview of what awaits in this briskly paced educational resource for marketers who want to step up their game and ace their results.

The Definitive Learning Course for Marketing on LinkedIn

To develop this LinkedIn Learning course, we compiled all of the knowledge and insights from our Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide and resource hub into a series of hands-on instructional videos that show you — rather than just telling you — how to make the marketing magic happen on LinkedIn, running the gamut from basic to advanced.

Here’s a rundown of the many topics we cover in this new LinkedIn Learning course, which we’ve made freely available to everyone:

  • What’s new on LinkedIn and why is it more important than ever to develop a strong brand presence

  • LinkedIn 101: Understanding the three primary marketing objectives, and the value of striking a balance between organic and paid promotion

  • Organic marketing tools on LinkedIn: How to optimize your profile, publish relevant content, engage with LinkedIn Groups, build community, and more

  • Paid marketing tools on LinkedIn: An overview of LinkedIn ad products, plus guidance on creating campaigns for awareness, consideration, and conversions

  • A simplified walkthrough for setting up your first campaign

  • Tips on precision targeting and taking advantage of Matched Audiences

  • In-depth exploration of measuring impact on LinkedIn through Campaign Manager, with how-tos on getting the most from Campaign Demographics and Conversion Tracking

  • Next steps to propel you forward with a blueprint for success

Class Is In Session

Through the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide course on LinkedIn, you can gain all the knowledge needed to develop a best-in-class social media marketing strategy, all in less than two hours total. Whether you’re new to LinkedIn, or just looking to brush up and elevate your content strategy, you’ll find plenty of helpful insights and guidance within.

Set aside some time and get started on Marketing on LinkedIn: The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide today! See you at the finish line.