How to Get Your LinkedIn Virtual Event in Front of the Right Professionals

August 25, 2020

How to Get Your LinkedIn Virtual Event in Front of the Right Professionals

As businesses around the world continue to adjust to the new normal, we understand that shifts in events strategy from in-person to virtual gatherings have created new challenges for marketers. 

To help navigate this new landscape, we launched LinkedIn Virtual Events earlier this year. LinkedIn Virtual Events enable businesses to host their events virtually on LinkedIn. With our suite of events features, you can bring your professional community together, safely, in real-time, and you’re able to do so in a trusted environment​.  

One key question we’ve been hearing is, “How do I get the right people to attend my event?” A great place to start is organic promotion. Event organizers can share the event to their LinkedIn Page followers and target their invitation post by language, location, function, seniority, industry and company size. LinkedIn Page Admins can also invite their first-degree profile connections to attend their events to broaden their reach beyond Page followers. 

To further your targeted reach, we recommend leveraging paid ads, such as Sponsored Content’s Single Image Ads, to amplify your organic efforts and reach professionals beyond your known network. 

With Single Image Ads, you can now get your LinkedIn Event in front of the right professionals and hard-to reach audiences, such as executives and decision-makers. In addition to the standard performance metrics available by running Single Image Ad campaigns, we’ve also introduced new event-specific reporting metrics to help you prove campaign ROI for your event spend. These metrics include: 

  • Event Registrations: people that click “attend event” or “request to attend”
  • Click Registrations: clicks on ad that led to an event registration
  • View Registrations: impressions on ad that led to an event registration

To get started today, create a LinkedIn Event from your LinkedIn Page. Once you create your event, you’ll have a unique URL you can use to sponsor the event with a Single Image Ad. If you’re interested in using LinkedIn Live for your virtual event, keep in mind that creating and promoting a LinkedIn Event is the most effective way to drive awareness and attendance for your live stream. 

Once your Event is created, sign into Campaign Manager and select the Single Image ad format under one of the following objectives: Brand Awareness, Website Visits, or Conversions. Add your Event URL to the destination URL when setting up your creatives (shown below), and you’ll see these new metrics as columns in the Conversions & Leads report inside the Campaign Manager reporting dashboard (shown above).

To learn more about how to get more professionals to your LinkedIn Event, check out these easy steps here and our resource-packed playbook. Happy hosting!