Zycus Achieves 7.4x ROI through Precision Targeting on LinkedIn

October 4, 2020

Zycus Achieves 7.4x ROI through Precision Targeting on LinkedIn

Digital transformation has brought brands closer to their audiences. However, the problem of having easy access to broad audiences can make it more challenging to engage the right customers. Even potential customers with little to no interest in your brand offerings want to"'know more" or "read more." Zycus, a global provider of source-to-pay procurement solutions, was facing a similar problem – dealing with poor quality leads, especially in newer markets with low brand awareness. 

Zycus' digital marketing mandate was clear. The company needed to create awareness and consideration amongs senior procurement professionals (Director, CXOs & VPs) with decision-making responsibilities at mid-sized to large enterprise companies. Zycus leveraged LinkedIn's high-quality data and advanced targeting capabilities to target its ideal audience with meaningful content, boosting engagement and chances of conversion. 

More ways than one to reach out to your perfect audience on LinkedIn 

Using LinkedIn's Matched Audiences, Zycus successfully excluded the list of existing customers from regular campaigns. The company then used the lookalike audience feature to reach people with similar characteristics to their ideal persona. This audience was served meaningful Sponsored Content based on their job titles and functions. When the audience started actively engaging with the content, the team started employing Lead Gen Forms to capture intent of nurtured LinkedIn members. Pre-filled categories in the form meant accurate data for the sales follow-ups. This way, the team was able to get quality leads from key regions, including APAC, US, EU, MEA, SEA and India. 

Zycus also accelerated the registration process for some of its events by leveraging sponsored ads in regional languages. All these tactics combined resulted in increased ROI from 5x to 7.4x.

We have met people who have praised the content that Zycus publishes on LinkedIn. So, we know awareness is being generated. With demonstrated value in engaging and converting relevant prospects, LinkedIn will continue to be a significant part of our marketing strategy. — Ashish Agrawal, Head of Digital Marketing.

Amid LinkedIn's vast array of professional audiences, Zycus ensured they were not reaching the same audience twice. A robust targeting strategy complete with contextual content helped engage relevant audiences, thereby delivering more accurate leads and fulfilling their primary goal — brand awareness among professionals that matter. 

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