Disruption, Opportunity, and the Future of the Marketing Role.

July 12, 2021

Group of marketers having a meeting around a laptop

Even in stable times, marketing — as we can all attest to — is a dynamic industry, quick to evolve and even quicker to leave those behind who don’t evolve with it. 

Now, the disruption that jolted us out of our office chairs has brought about unique opportunities for marketing professionals who are ready and willing to explore them. New technologies have created new employer needs. Accessibility and geography are no longer the barriers they once were. A highly-skilled and increasingly diverse workforce could be ready to shed their “Shelter in Job” mentality and leverage the massive influx of remote opportunities out there today.   

To help better navigate this new environment and keep you on the front edge of the hiring curve, LinkedIn created the blog series “The Changing Marketing Landscape.” Here are links to four posts and corresponding infographics with exclusive data on the current state of marketing, emerging hiring trends, and opportunities to be on the lookout for next.

Part 1: The Changing Marketing Jobs Landscape

How has the marketing industry fared during the pandemic? Thanks to the disruption of business as usual, marketing experts and specialists are actually in greater demand than ever as companies seek innovative ways to reconnect with customers and bring their brands back into the spotlight. In fact, LinkedIn insights indicate:

  • A 63% growth in marketing jobs over the last six months
  • More than 380,000 marketing jobs posted in past year alone

This post dives into the new opportunities marketing professionals are finding, how flexibility on both sides of the hiring process is playing a major role, and the evolution of remote and hybrid environments. 

Part 2: Marketing’s Evolution: A Look at the Jobs and Training Skills in Highest Demand

With the increased demand for technology, reliance on leveraging social media, and the ever-critical need to improve SEO, it’s not surprising that “digital” roles in the marketing industry have seen a sharp increase in need and relevance. 

That said, data and trends show significant increases for other marketing specialties as well, including for those willing to reinvent themselves — as marketers are wont to do. Check out some of the most in-demand marketing jobs and skills that employers are clamoring for, find LinkedIn Learning Courses to help meet growing industry needs, and uncover upskilling opportunities for ambitious marketers. 

Part 3: Reimagining the Marketing Role in a New World of Work

As barriers to remote work continue to be torn down and geography becomes a non-issue, the evolution of both how and where marketing jobs are performed is opening doors to new possibilities. It’s clear from the data that marketing is not only part of this trend — it’s at the forefront of the movement. 

  • Paid “remote work” job postings on LinkedIn rose by 457% compared to last year
  • Remote marketing job listings increased by 177% in the past six months

Discover which cities have the greatest demand with the highest salaries, which remote job titles top the charts today, and how the new work dynamic is a plus for employees and employers alike.

Part 4: How Women in Marketing Are Advancing in the New World of Work

Women in marketing industries are taking charge. Not only are most marketing jobs currently held by women (60%), but female marketing pros are successfully climbing the ladder, accounting for 53% of director-level or higher positions and 59% of manager-level positions.

In fact, marketing roles have robust female representation in almost every industry, with Real Estate and Wellness & Fitness enjoying the largest female-to-male ratios — 71% and 70% respectively. 

Yet while it appears the pendulum is swinging further in favor of gender balance, ethnic and racial equity lags far behind. How are women of color faring in management opportunities? How can marketing departments build more racially diverse leadership? This post highlights some of the positive trends in the hiring landscape for women marketers, as well as the progress and effort still required to level the playing field for all. 

Trending Up and Moving Forward 

The emergence of new digitally-driven roles and easy-to-access remote work promise to have a profound, lasting impact on the marketing world. So too will the important efforts still desperately needed throughout our profession to shrink the inequality gap. 

Now’s the time for employers and marketers alike to stay in tune with the rapidly evolving trends, needs and opportunities all around us. And to seize on this moment — right here and now — to effect the kind of meaningful changes that will help continue driving the marketing industry forward. 

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