Growing a Longer-Lasting Brand on LinkedIn

August 18, 2021

Group collaborating around a table

Organizations like yours continually see the long-lasting benefits of connecting with your audience in a way that makes your brand memorable. Brand equity, or the value of customer perception of the brand, builds over time. In fact, it is estimated that 95% of buyers are not in the market to purchase when they see an ad. These buyers come gradually in-market. And if your brand equity is strong, your brand will be remembered when that customer decides to make a purchase. 

In our new brand building guide, we offer advice on how to develop, and optimize for, a memorable brand image that connects with your customer. Learn how to build your brand equity by understanding the following concepts:

Benefits to Brand Building on LinkedIn

  • Category flexibility. Stronger brands can offer more products and services, and pivot when needed.
  • Competitive moats. Stronger brands get a competitive advantage over others in their market, which protects long-term revenue and market share.
  • Customer loyalty. Stronger brands have more loyal customers, even if a purchase is inconvenient or the price isn’t the most competitive.
  • Long-term sales. Stronger brands have the lasting mental availability that carries them through long B2B sales cycles.
  • Pricing power. Stronger brands experience less sensitivity to their pricing, and they can improve margins over time.
  • Talent branding. Stronger brands can attract the highest-quality workforce.

Build Your Community on LinkedIn

Improving your brand equity and establishing a foundation for growth has never been easier on LinkedIn. We provide:

  • High-Quality Audiences: With more than 774M+ active LinkedIn members, and 58M registered companies, your brand campaigns have a sizable reach. This unique environment, coupled with our reach optimization product, makes LinkedIn a great place to efficiently reach everyone in a B2B category. 
  • Organic and Paid: Your business can grow its community through organic and paid. Use Stories, Pages, LinkedIn Live, and Events to start and join the conversations that matter, share playful moments, and stay connected. And when you’re ready, LinkedIn can help boost your business’ best content through paid ads! 
  • Proven Success With New Brand Products: Measure and iterate with new product offerings like Reach & Frequency Forecasting and Reporting, and Brand Lift Testing. 

Grow your brand and download the guide today. And for more brand-building resources, subscribe to the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog.