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95% of your target B2B buyers do not currently have the need to purchase  your product, but they will in the future¹. And no amount of lead or demand generation activities will make them buy today. 

However, when your target market is ready to buy, you want them to think of you first. How do you become one of the top brands customers think of when they’re ready to purchase? Brand building.

B2B brand building is easy on LinkedIn.

  • With over 810M active LinkedIn members and 58M registered companies, your brand campaigns have broad B2B audiences to reach.

  • Use Stories, Pages, LinkedIn Live, and Events to start and join the conversations that matter, share playful moments, and stay connected. And when you’re ready, LinkedIn can help boost your best content through paid ads. 

  • Measure and iterate with new product offerings like Reach & Frequency Forecasting and Reporting, and Brand Lift Testing. 

Recently, we partnered with Ehrenberg-Bass Institute and the B2B Institute² to curate the best tips on how to increase your brand perception and drive growth. Learn more about how to build brand equity, increase mental availability, and drive winning results in our Brand Guide and Report.

¹ B2B Institute Advertising Effectiveness and the 95-5 rule: most B2B buyers are not in the market right now. Read the full report.

² Find the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute research here.