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Marketers often think of brand building as mainly B2C. Yet, B2B brands have seen long-lasting benefits of reaching and connecting with their audience in a way that makes their brand memorable when it comes time to purchase. Brand equity, or the value of customer perception of the brand, builds over time. Brand equity drives both short-term activation (performance marketing) and long-term growth. Improving your brand equity and establishing a foundation for long-term growth has never been easier on LinkedIn.

→ With over 740M active LinkedIn members, and 55M registered companies, your brand campaigns have broad B2B audiences to reach. This unique environment, coupled with our reach optimization product, makes LinkedIn a great place to efficiently reach everyone in a B2B category. 

→ Your business can grow its community through organic and paid. Use Stories, Pages, LinkedIn Live, and Events to start and join the conversations that matter, share playful moments, and stay connected. And when you’re ready, LinkedIn can help boost your business’ best content through paid ads. 

→ Measure and iterate with new product offerings like Reach & Frequency Forecasting and Reporting, and Brand Lift Testing. 

Having a good understanding of the benefits of brand building, and how to effectively achieve both short and long-lasting growth, will help your business get the results you desire. Make sure to download these useful resources to guide you through LinkedIn advertising!

The Brand Building Guide is a resource that you can use to efficiently reach your audiences and grow your buyer base. Download your Brand Building Guide to uncover:

  • The basics of brand building

  • Balancing short and long term strategies

  • How to grow your brand on LinkedIn

  • Real-world examples of how others have found brand success on LinkedIn