5 Non-Obvious Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page

August 23, 2018

5 Non-Obvious Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page

Your LinkedIn Company Page is a destination where people can really get to know your brand. Sure, people can get an overview of your products and services, but the key function of a Company Page is to attract and interact with your audience. If you treat the page as a dynamic marketing tool (rather than a static “About Us” page), you can establish thought leadership, build brand awareness, and move your audience to take action.

There are a few basic best practices to follow when curating your Company Page:

  • Consistently share content 3-4 times a day
  • Use rich, eye-catching visuals 
  • Ask thoughtful questions that encourage comments
  • Engage with followers in the comments
  • Target each update to the most relevant audience to create a customized feed for each segment

If you’re just getting started, check out our LinkedIn Company Page best practices for more solid advice and examples. If your page is already up and running, check out our LinkedIn Company Pages Playbook and use these five somewhat non-obvious tips to earn audience attention and encourage your followers to interact.

1. Use Rich Media

At CES a couple of years ago, HLN’s Lila King said, “We’re moving from a text-based communication style to one that is almost completely visual.” While I’m not sure we should throw out our keyboards just yet, she was right that images and video can grab attention better than the most finely-crafted headline.

You can now upload native video onto your Company Page. Our team tests with different lengths of video for different objectives, so readers can catch a glimpse of what they're about to consume, should they chose to click through:

Make your Company Page visually compelling by adding non-stock, non-dull images to all your updates. We recommend images that are 1200x627 for Sponsored Content and organic updates as well. You can explore options for “non-stocky” images, use your own in-house photos (like the ones from your photo shoot), or create graphics with sites like Canva and Pixlr.

To add more visual interest, create an eye-catching header image and rotate it at least every six months.

Think of your banner image as an extension of your brand—you can use it to highlight different teams in your company, promote upcoming events, or announce seasonal campaigns. For example, we changed our header image to promote the launch of LinkedIn video ads.

2. Keep Your Updates Short, Sweet & Spicy

You only have a few seconds to entice your followers to click on an update. So don’t be coy; tell your audience exactly what’s in it for them in as few characters as possible. We recommend 150 characters or fewer.

Use those characters to add spice to the update. Ask a thought-provoking question, point out a feature of the content you’re linking to, even stir up a little controversy. And make it personal: Call out your audience i.e., “Tech marketers, do you think VR is going to be a thing? Is it already?”

3. Use the 4-1-1 Rule

Most marketers are familiar with the 4-1-1 rule: If you grew up in the 90’s, you must ask “What’s the 4-1-1?” when seeking information. 

Okay, actually the 4-1-1 rule says that for every single piece of content you share about yourself (or your organization), share an update from another source, and most importantly share four pieces of content written by others.

This rule helps keep your feed centered on your audience’s needs, rather than making it a place for your organization to talk about itself. So for every post you link to from the company blog, share multiple helpful, valuable posts from around the web.

4. Use Tracking Links

As I mentioned in the introduction, your Company Page is a marketing tool in its own right. It comes equipped with analytics tools you can use to measure each post’s popularity and level of interaction. But you don’t have to stop at analyzing the activity your updates generate on LinkedIn.

Insert a tracking code on the end of your links. That way, you can properly attribute traffic to your site that originates from each update. You may find your Company Page becomes a substantial source of inbound traffic.

5. Don’t Use Links (Sometimes!)

As a general rule, we encourage marketers to use links in their updates. In fact, we have found that posts with links tend to see 45% higher engagement than those without. But we also have seen that the occasional post without a link can get a great response—if you use them sparingly, they will stand out. Posts that feature thought-provoking or inspirational content tend to get high engagement without a link.

Get Creative with Your Content

Your Company Page works best when it is a dynamic, visually compelling collection of highly valuable content. Curate it thoughtfully with your audience in mind, explore the possibilities, and watch your follower count grow. 

For more Company Page advice and inspiration, register for our upcoming Best of Company Paged webcast.