LinkedIn Page Analytics 101: A Crash Course

January 6, 2019

LinkedIn Pages Analytics

Our research shows that marketers want to learn how to measure engagement with their LinkedIn Page, to optimize their outreach and grow their followers. We recently launched a new LinkedIn Pages experience to help meet that goal. With our refreshed Page analytics, your organization’s LinkedIn strategy — from organic to paid to community-building to employee advocacy — can be found all on the same Page.

Here’s how you can find your most important LinkedIn analytics, turn that data into insight, and increase your Page’s following.

How to Measure LinkedIn Engagement with Page Analytics

If you need to brush up on the basics of setting up your company’s Page, our LinkedIn Pages Playbook offers all the guidance you’ll need. For those who have all the essentials squared away, it’s time to start measuring and growing.

The latest annual benchmarking research from CMI and MarketingProfs found that 80% of B2B content marketers are focused on building audiences, including 92% of the most successful. Increasing your follower count on LinkedIn has many advantages — chiefly, expanding your organic reach and gaining greater visibility for all of your updates.

Adhering to LinkedIn Pages best practices and striking the right balance of organic and paid will put you on the right track. But sophisticated marketers can also dig into their Page analytics and grow their followings by learning more about their existing audience, and measuring the ways they engage with content.

Navigating Page Analytics

When you enter your LinkedIn Page from the admin view, you’ll find an Analytics menu on the top bar, with three options: Visitors, Updates, and Followers.

Let’s quickly break down what you’ll find in each of these area

  • Visitors: This is where you learn about members who have checked out your Page. At a glance, you can see what type of device they were on, spot trends, and view aggregated professional attributes.
  • Updates: How are people engaging with the content you share? Obtain a high-level view by analyzing metrics like Impressions, Clicks, Comments, and Social Engagement Percentage.
  • Followers: Gain a better understanding of your current follower base in terms of location, job function, seniority, and more. You can also identify patterns and find a list of companies to track based on other Pages your audience follows.

Knowing how to measure LinkedIn engagement can be extremely helpful in orienting your strategy toward adding more followers. For example, when you delve into the demographic data of Page visitors and compare that to your existing followers, you’ll likely spot opportunities.

Where is there crossover? Where are there gaps? Which content is performing best and how does it align with your audience attributes? In a short amount of time, you can analyze intersecting trends and make solid, grounded conclusions around content creation and targeting strategy.

Capitalizing on Content Suggestions

One newer feature that’s been added for Page admins is the Content Suggestions tab, located just to the left of the Analytics menu on the top bar. This tool takes some of the manual effort out of turning your insights into action.

Within the Content Suggestions area, you can filter by parameters such as industry, location, and professional traits to identify content that’s driving high engagement on LinkedIn. Additionally, you can find articles that your followers and employees are engaging with, which should give you a clear idea of what’s grabbing the attention of your most valued audiences.

The results of these searches will provide you with third-party content to share, as well as ideas for original content you can create. Toss in the right hashtags and you’ll be on you way to gaining visibility with the exact types of members with whom you want to generate brand awareness.

As a general rule, we recommend A/B testing constantly, and then consulting your Page analytics to stay in tune with which types of content (and which compositions in terms of copy, visuals, CTA, etc.) are resonating with your audience. Companies that follow this blueprint for social content optimization almost always tend to garner higher engagement rates and grow their followings more quickly.

Put Your LinkedIn Page Analytics into Action

At LinkedIn, we’re big on actionable analytics, with an emphasis on the actionable. Many marketers today are awash with data and stats that they don’t know what to do with. That’s why we have really focused on making Page analytics as simple and useful as possible. Within a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to get a firm grasp on how to measure LinkedIn engagement, who your Page followers are, where your biggest opportunities lie, and how you can strategically create and share content that helps you meet your objectives.

To learn more about optimizing your LinkedIn Page and accelerating growth on the platform, make sure to register for our Pages webcast coming up on January 9th!