Best of LinkedIn Pages 2019: Announcing the Winners!

November 21, 2019

Best of LinkedIn Pages 2019: Announcing the Winners!

Editor's Note: As 2020 approaches, we're looking back at some of 2019's most popular posts on the LinkedIn Marketing Blog. This one ranked No. 7.

Every day, our team comes across organizations that are doing creative and innovative things to distinguish their brands on LinkedIn. If asked to come up with a list of our favorite LinkedIn Pages, we wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Fortunately, our awesome community has once again taken charge. We put out a call last month for submissions in our annual #BestofPages contest, and thousands of people made their voices heard. Now, we’ve tallied the results, narrowing the field to 10 overall winners. This year’s class of finalists is impressive, as was the enthusiastic participation from the LinkedIn community.

Read on for an overview of results from the competition, and then a full rundown of winners complete with takeaways, best practices, and examples that you can selectively apply to your own LinkedIn Page. Inspiration awaits!

Best of Pages 2019: By the Numbers

  • Total Nominations: 12,000+

  • Unique Members Participating: 9,234

  • Companies Participating: 2,000+

  • Countries Participating: 111 

  • Followers for #bestofpages Hashtag on LinkedIn: 1,398

The number of people who got involved and championed their brands was truly remarkable, demonstrating the power of employee activation in action. 

The Top 10 LinkedIn Pages of 2019 

  1. Teleperformance

  2. Hays

  3. Deloitte

  4. Cvent

  5. Hotmart

  6. Jabil

  7. Cognixia

  8. Aurecon

  9. Philips

  10. Jacobs

Some familiar organizations, some newcomers, and a wide range of different industries and specializations are represented in our diverse mix of winners for Best of Pages 2019. Here’s an extended look at who won, and what these organizations do especially well on LinkedIn to stand out from the pack.

#1: Teleperformance

What They Do Well: Teleperformance makes exemplary use of native video, frequently sharing quick-hit content that is shortsnackable, and easily digested even without sound. They humanize their brand by featuring company leaders in the video content, and establish credible thought leadership through the use of third-party stats

#2: Hays

What They Do Well: Hays creates a ton of excellent PDF-based content, and often uploads it directly to their feed for easy consumption. For example, check out the company’s branded digital magazine, Hays Journal, which you can page through right on LinkedIn. Hays also showcases original research, features enticing snippets to promote larger content offerings, and strikes a deeper chord by highlighting initiatives such as #WorldMentalHealthDay. They mix in plenty of links to their owned blog content, as well. 

#3: Deloitte

What They Do Well: In addition to the materials a prospective candidate  can view in Deloitte’s robust and informative Life tab, they also promote their corporate culture through native video featuring real employees, helping attract top talent. In addition, they use their Page to drive registration for events, including those where company leaders are speaking. They’re smart to use the starpower of their executives to drive a larger audience. 

#4: Cvent

What They Do Well: As you scroll through the Page feed, you’ll quickly come to notice that Cvent is not product-first in their content — they genuinely want their content to be useful and relevant to their audience. Check out their posts on event planningevent technology, and GDPR. They also recently plugged into Veteran’s Day to demonstrate company values, as part of their #MondayMotivation series.

#5: Hotmart

What They Do Well: Hotmart celebrates company wins in a fun way, spicing up the copy of their posts with the universally-recognized language of emojis. They also celebrate their people, highlighting birthdays and anniversaries. It’s always important to remember that businesses are collections of people, and Hotmart embraces this by consistently putting human faces forward.

#6. Jabil

What They Do Well: Jabil keeps a finger on the pulse of its surrounding community and substantiates its #JabilCares initiative by participating in local events for Veteran’s Day, breast cancer research, the American Heart Association, and more. They also showcase diversity and engagement in the workforce by elevating employee facesvoices, and community work. We’re big fans of the quote cards they share on their Page.

#7. Cognixia

What They Do Well: Not only does Cognixia regularly share native video and blog content tackling key issues in their industry, but they do so in a way that is crisply and uniformly branded. Take a peek at their posts on the RTA revolution5Gdigital transformation, and sought-after employee skills — you’ll see what we mean. They also do a great job of using LinkedIn to raise awareness and drive registration for webinars, incorporating the clever use of video for this purpose. 

#8. Aurecon

What They Do Well: Aurecon runs a popular podcast, which they promote on their LinkedIn Page through guest highlightsphoto sizzle reelsquote cardssound snippet excerpts, and more. It’s a tremendous display of diverse, compelling content that can align with any follower’s consumption preferences.   

#9. Philips

What They Do Well: They’re masters of video on LinkedIn. We loved their “Peek Behind the Scenes” special on LinkedIn Live, and we also dig the “Philips Translates” series, which covers topics like why we sleep and how jet lag affects the brain. One post asking their audience about sleep habits received 66 comments, showing how a simple question can stir up major engagement. (Also: note how they interact with commenters to create two-way brand conversations!)

#10. Jacobs

What They Do Well: Jacobs takes advantage of the post-pinning capability to keep their most resonant content visible at the top of their Page: This slick video conveying the brand mission has driven more than 42,000 views and 1,500 reactions. Like many, they use LinkedIn as a vehicle for attracting talent, with their serial “Hot Jobs of the Week” posts drawing attention to various roles such as engineers/PMsenvironmental consultants, and specialized manufacturing professionals.     

Congrats to the Best of Pages 2019 Winners!

And thank you to everyone who participated, helping give recognition to these leading brands on LinkedIn. Every year, the Best of Pages campaign grows bigger and better, all thanks to our community of ambitious professionals. 

We hope that reading through these examples helps inform and inspire your organization’s LinkedIn Page strategy going forward. See you next year in the winner’s circle.