Best of LinkedIn Pages 2019: Nominations Are Now Open!

October 2, 2019

Best of LinkedIn Pages 2019: Nominations Are Now Open!

The drum rolls. A hush falls over the crowd. The curtains quietly creak as they draw open.

Where will the spotlight land? That’s up to all of you!

We are very excited to announce that nominations are now open for Best of LinkedIn Pages 2019. Not only because this is annually one of the most popular and buzzworthy events on our blog, but also because it gives us a chance to highlight the inspiring brands that are setting a worthy example for all others on the platform.

Last year, we received more than 13,000 submissions nominating 945 different Pages. You can check out the list of winners, complete with takeaways to help you power up your own LinkedIn Page. Those tips are especially timely and useful as the new nomination period gets underway.

Ready to show some love to your favorite Pages and rally support for your own? It’s easy! Read on to learn how.

How to Nominate for Best of LinkedIn Pages 2019

We’re making a few changes to the nomination process this year in the name of simplifying and centralizing. Here’s an exhaustive breakdown showing how you can nominate your favorite Page (and encourage your network to do the same for yours). There are two ways to nominate:

1. As a member: Post an update on your LinkedIn feed @mentioning the Page you wish to nominate and the hashtag #BestofPages, like so:

2. As a Page: Post an update to your Page directly to your followers to rally support. Followers and employees can then engage with that post, commenting with what they like about the organization’s Page (using the hashtag“#BestofPages”).

BONUS: You can also submit a nomination by commenting on the associated posts on the LinkedIn Marketing SolutionsLinkedIn Sales Solutions, or LinkedIn Talent SolutionsShowcase Pages.

Note: Only #BestofPages nominations posted on the LinkedIn platform will be considered.

Nominations will be open for one month, with Thursday, Oct. 31 marking the (spooky) deadline. Once all the votes are in, we will tally up the hashtags and publish a post listing the Top 10 finishers, along with the customary tips and takeaways drawn from these examples.

Winners will be determined by the number of members who nominate a Page, plus the number of engagements (defined as a combination of public-facing reactions and comments) on the Page’s first nomination post (defined chronologically; deleted posts won’t be counted). All posts -- member and Page -- must include the hashtag #BestofPages in order to be considered valid. LinkedIn reserves the right to reject any nomination for any reason.

Perks of Being Recognized in Best of Pages 2019

What happens if your LinkedIn Page gets selected among the winning Pages? Aside from prestige and bragging rights, here are some more tangible benefits:

  • Visibility: Your brand will be recognized on the LMS, LSS, and LTS Showcase Pages — as well as blogs and social feeds — as an exemplary model of LinkedIn Pages prowess. This equates to positive coverage of your organization before an audience of millions. 

  • Blog Spotlight: You’ll also have an opportunity to share your story with the LMS blog readership by way of an interview with our Editor in Chief.

  • Customized Assets: Pages that make the Top 10 will each receive a Winner’s Packet, which includes customized social graphics you can use to publicize your achievement among friends and followers, as well as a badge to adorn your Page header.

How Can We Increase Our Chances of Winning?

We’re glad you asked! We’ve got some pointers to help you ensure your LinkedIn Page is putting its best foot forward during this crucial nomination period:

  • Complete Your Page: In order to be considered, your Page will need to be complete, meaning you’ve filled out your description, logo, website URL, city + country, industry, and company size.

  • Build Up Your Network: The threshold for consideration also requires that your Page have at least 150 followers, or 30 mapped employees. Encourage your teammates to associate their LinkedIn profiles with your organization’s Page, and follow these tips to grow your following.

  • Be Active: Because we’re looking to recognize Pages that provide consistent value to their LinkedIn community, another requirement is that your Page has posted an update within the past 28 days. Naturally, more activity is always encouraged.

  • Optimize According to Best Practices: You can find tons of guidance on content sharing, hashtags, multimedia, and more in the LinkedIn Pages Best Practices hub.

  • Activate Your Employees: Ultimately, the Pages that receive the most votes will win. No one can be more helpful in this regard than your employees, who are able to submit nominations and also encourage their personal networks to join in support.

Rock the Vote!

Even if you don’t make the Top 10 in Best of Pages, there is plenty of long-term value in enhancing your LinkedIn Page and engaging your network. What better time to make it a central focus for your team?

We can’t wait to see all the awesome submissions over these next four weeks. If you haven’t yet, be sure to nominate your favorite Page today!