Learn How LinkedIn Pages Help Brands Build Community

July 28, 2020

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Editor’s Note: This blog post is based on a live stream that took place earlier this year. 

 Communities keep us connected, from near and far.

Bringing people together over shared interests, goals, and careers, professional communities serve as a powerful binding force. Right now it’s more important than ever for brands to develop and nurture these digital networks of customers, followers, fans, and friends. 

Luckily, it’s also easier than ever.  

Back in January, we rolled out three new LinkedIn Pages features to support community-building on our platform. You can learn about each of them by watching our on-demand live stream, or simply by scrolling down for a recap of key takeaways on the following features:

  • LinkedIn Live
  • Invite to follow
  • Easier content sharing

3 LinkedIn Pages Features that Enrich Brand Communities

LinkedIn Live

In a community-building effort of our own, we decided to introduce these features during our first-ever product release livestream. Also unique to this livestream: We use the actual technology we talk about, LinkedIn Live, to power what you’re seeing. 

If you watch the livestream, you’ll hear from someone who helped guide the development of LinkedIn Live, along with two customers who’ve actually used LinkedIn Live and have a few early lessons to share. 

Of the new LinkedIn Page features covered here, this capability is the one that had both of our guests most excited. Then again, being able to broadcast live video content on LinkedIn has been a pretty big deal for lots of people since it began its pilot program in April 2019. 

Both guests were also surprised by the volume of engagement and comments stemming from their livestreams. This is an encouraging sign for community-builders as it relates to expanding organic reach. There is a clear opportunity to generate awareness and attract new community members to your organization via LinkedIn Live.  

As brands continue to experiment with LinkedIn Live and use the technology in new ways, we’re seeing this platform used for everything from major announcements to creating episodic content that gives Page followers a reason to return for more. 

Invite to Follow

It becomes much easier to promote your LinkedIn Live broadcast, or any brand initiative for that matter, when your LinkedIn Page has more followers. And now it’s much easier to add not just followers to your LinkedIn Page, but personal connections who might be more likely to evangelize your brand and your content. 

In the “Manage” section in the upper right corner of your home page, simply click “Extend your reach” and you’ll have the opportunity to send a follow invite to any of your LinkedIn connections. Be sure to encourage the rest of your LinkedIn Page admins to comb through their connections as well. 

Keep your community-building efforts “always on” by encouraging your peers to personally invite members who might be interested in your LinkedIn Page or LinkedIn Group. In that vein, if you’re a LinkedIn Page Admin, please consider joining our Pages Admin Group on LinkedIn, which we use as a place to share best practices and get early product feedback from our community. 

Easier Content Sharing

When you want to speak with your brand’s voice on LinkedIn, you and your permissioned team members can now post it directly from personal pages, without needing to log in to the admin section of your brand’s LinkedIn Page.

To share an update, click “start a post” at the top center of your LinkedIn home page. A “posting as” box will indicate whether you’re about to publish via your personal or company Page. Simply click the arrow to the right of your name to select your company as the “posting as” option, and you’re posting to your Page. It’s a small change that we hope will add up to lots of time saved for lots of people. 

So there you have them, our latest LinkedIn Page updates designed with the community-builders in mind. If you have ideas for future updates, feel free to share your feedback via the Pages Admin Group mentioned previously. 

A final note on content sharing: both livestream guests lauded LinkedIn hashtags, and each recommended including them in your messages to help make sure your content reaches the right communities of professionals on LinkedIn. (Pro tip: Be judicious with hashtags and always aim to use 10 or fewer in a single post.)

To learn more about where to find each feature and how to use them, and to hear us answer questions from the audience, check out the on-demand product release livestream. Learn more about LinkedIn Pages and LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events