What’s New With LinkedIn Pages: "My Company" Tab, "Events" Tab, and View Page Followers

Join the conversations that matter most — with employees, event attendees, and Page followers

September 2, 2020

New to LinkedIn Pages

Editor's Note: Enjoy this special encore post, which was one of our readers' favorites in 2020. 

In these times, communication and connection are critical to the well-being of your employees and community. After half a year of adjusting to the pandemic and remote working, you’ve shared stories about the struggles your employees have had staying engaged with your organization and with each other.

In fact, according to a recent Glint survey, as the pandemic goes on, we are seeing employees beginning to experience less connection to leaders (31%), teammates (37%), and even their friends (40%). With a growing number of organizations announcing that their employees are required to work remotely until 2021, it’s more important than ever for organizations to take action and ensure their teams will thrive in a virtual work environment. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce new features on LinkedIn Pages to help organizations stay connected to the communities that matter most to them. This quarter’s updates help Page Admins connect their employees, highlight upcoming events, and gain invaluable insights about their brand’s followers. 

“My Company” Tab — Build a stronger employee community

Your employees aren’t just a workforce — they are the heart and soul of your business community and its most powerful advocates. When we announced the integration of LinkedIn Pages and Elevate, we recognized that we could help organizations better engage their employees at scale and build stronger communities in a safe and trusted environment. 

We’re excited to introduce the “My Company” tab, a new space for your employees nested within your organization’s LinkedIn Page, that brings your workforce closer together by helping you celebrate key accomplishments, increase engagement within your employee community and connect colleagues with a single click. These updates will help foster your organization’s culture in a time where many of us are working remotely and strengthen your employees’ sense of community so they can do their best work and drive your business forward. 

The “My Company” Tab* includes new features like employee milestones, so you can celebrate promotions, anniversaries, and company new hires. It also surfaces trending content from your coworkers and recommendations to connect with people you may know at your organization. In the future, we’ll be adding more powerful tools, like the ability to curate unique content, broadcast that content to your employees so it can be shared organically, and measure the impact of their reach — all for free.

"Events" tab — Showcase your upcoming events to drive viewership and engagement with target audiences

As more events move online, organizations have found that virtual events offer incredible value, because they keep our industries -- and the communities that they’re built upon -- connected as we all work remotely. But, discovering these virtual conferences, panels and webinars and keeping track of them can be tricky — even among LinkedIn members who actively seek them out.

With the new "Events" tab, your Page automatically pulls in a view of your past, present and upcoming events on LinkedIn. The tab appears on the left-hand navigation of your brand’s Page, making it easy for your followers and visitors alike to find and attend the events they care about. 

“View Page Followers” — Get deep insight into the community you’re building

Previously, Page Admins could only see their aggregate number of followers and general demographics of those followers, and lacked the tools and insights they needed to fully understand and grow their follower base.

With that in mind, we’re introducing a new “View Page followers” feature that allows Page Admins to see the individual members who are following their Page. This provides the transparency needed to better understand audiences, so organizations can more easily share the right content and build their LinkedIn community around the conversations that matter most. 

The “My Company” tab, “Events” tab and “View Page followers” feature are available for all Page Admins, globally. To learn more about the updates in today’s announcement, visit the LinkedIn Pages website.

*The "My Company" tab will not be available to Pages with fewer than 201 employees, identified under “company size."