How Articles for Pages Is Helping Randstad Deepen Its Community Engagement

September 14, 2021

Woman on laptop at table sitting next to young son.

This quarter, we’re excited to introduce new features centered around helping you grow and deepen your engagement with your audience. 

Informative and credible content remains a highly effective way to connect with audiences and develop a reputation for trusted thought leadership. That’s why we’re introducing organic Articles for Pages.

While members on LinkedIn have long had the ability to draft and publish longform articles on the platform, organizations have been limited to character counts for organic posts in the feed. That’s no longer the case with Articles for Pages.

Earlier today, we shared more information around our latest Pages features on Articles. We also chatted with Karen Pace, Director of Social and Content Marketing at Randstad, to learn how her company leverages Articles for Pages:

LinkedIn: Why is the Articles feature so important for you and your business?

Karen: Randstad USA believes in the value of work as a unifying force that shapes society for the better. We are #humanforward and we strive to provide best-in-class tech & touch experiences. We are focused on connecting with job seekers looking for a new or next opportunity, and clients who have needs which we can support through sourcing and solutions. Articles, as a long-form content medium, align perfectly with our mission and approach to business. We are able to be more human, empathetic, and expressive through long-form content, as well as being agile and adept at addressing moment-in-time opportunities. We are able to connect with our audience in a more personal and authentic way, which is not always ideally suited to other social and web channels.

LinkedIn: How do you plan to use this feature, and will this look different than your blog/other content channels?

Karen: Our Articles program has been highly successful and engaging. We have covered timely and relevant topics in a human and personal way. We look forward to adding bylines and perspective content to the mix, which will allow us to highlight individual voices that can only enhance our connection with the audience and our brand.

LinkedIn: What is your biggest tip for other businesses as they consider using Articles?

Karen: In a time where empathy and connectivity are more important than ever, it is vital that brands not use LinkedIn Articles solely for promotional purposes. In my mind, the brand that treats Articles like a sales slick will be making a mistake. Articles should be a human, relevant extension of the brand. A way to infuse LinkedIn content with humanity. To have a conversation with the audience, not talk *at* them. This is what truly separates Articles from other content vehicles and channels.

LinkedIn: How does Articles help your team to be more relevant with current events and topics?

Karen: In 1996, Randstad USA staffed the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. Our highest-performing Article shared the hereto untold story of Randstad USA’s history with the Olympic Games. We were able to launch the Article to coincide with the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games at the beginning of August 2021. We shared first-person accounts and old photos. The fervor for the Tokyo Games added color and excitement to the walk down memory lane by some of our employees who were there with Randstad USA 35 years ago, and sparked a real sense of pride and accomplishment for those newer employees who had no idea of Randstad USA’s rich Olympic history.

Additionally, a website is not always the place to address hot-topic or moment-in-time long-form content. Articles has provided us a way to address those event-based topics which are moment-in-time, and to leave long-term-focused and evergreen content for our website. Our website is definitely reflective of our position and firm support of DBEI efforts. However, Articles have allowed us to be even more hyper-focused and responsive to current diversity & inclusion events.

Stay on top of these and other product updates with further details and resources on our regularly refreshed Product Updates page. Also, to learn more about these updates, join us for our launch event on October 4 at 10am PT.