Introducing Elevate in Sales Navigator: Helping You Bridge the Sales and Marketing Gap

August 14, 2019

Elevate and LinkedIn Sales Navigator

More than a third of Elevate’s active community of content sharers are sales professionals using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. That’s why we’re excited to announce Elevate Alerts in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, an integration which brings Elevate content into the Sales Navigator homepage feed of alerts and gives users the ability to easily share curated content directly from their sales platform. 

For sales professionals, sharing the right content with prospects and customers is key for building trust and nurturing them down the funnel. When done consistently and effectively over time, sales professionals can come to be known as thought leaders in their industry and trusted advisors to their customers, ultimately leading to more closed business. In fact, LinkedIn analysis has shown that sales professionals who regularly share content are 45% more likely to exceed quota. 

We built this integration to make it easier for those users to share the right content. And by bringing the Elevate content sharing experience into Sales Navigator, we’ve made it easier to drive adoption across two major LinkedIn ecosystems and facilitate sales and marketing alignment across your organization. 

When people heard about the integration, they came to us wanting to be part of it. — Beta Participant

Let’s break down each of those key benefits to understand how Elevate Alerts are really helping. 

Elevate Alerts help drive adoption of your LinkedIn solutions

At LinkedIn, customers often buy a variety of our business solutions, and we’re excited that Elevate Alerts will help them better connect the various ecosystems to encourage cross-usage. 

This integration connects Elevate and Sales Navigator in a simple, but effective, way; every day, Sales Navigator users will get one custom alert encouraging them to share a piece of content from Elevate. Even better, it will show up front and center in their Sales Navigator homepage feed, keeping content sharing top of mind for sales teams and eliminating the friction of having to log into a new solution in order to share. 

We know it’s working, too. Upon rollout, Elevate Alerts quickly became one of the most clicked-on features in the new Sales Navigator homepage.

What’s more, organizations in our pilot program saw, on average, a 53% increase in monthly shares among Sales Navigator users. One organization even saw that Elevate Alerts helped activate first-time sharers, which builds a valuable new behavior for the organization and the individual. 

Elevate Alerts enhance sales and marketing alignment 

As previously mentioned, content sharing helps establish sellers as thought leaders in their industry and trusted advisors to their customers and prospects. The challenge is that, in a massive content landscape, it’s easy for sales teams to find and share suboptimal content, whether in quality or relevance. 

That’s where the sales and marketing loop begins: Marketing develops a broad, strategic content marketing plan to span multiple business units and verticals, and salespeople select and distribute the content that makes sense for their target account list.

An employee advocacy tool like LinkedIn Elevate is the first step many organizations take to harness their content sharing strategy. They charge their marketing teams with curating and broadcasting content against different categories on Elevate, which salespeople can then subscribe to and share from. 

With Elevate Alerts, only content from the categories sellers are subscribed to will render in their Sales Nav homepage, ensuring that highly relevant, audience-focused broadcasts end up in their Sales Navigator feed. No other solution can connect your most valuable sales and marketing tools in this way. 

And it’s great to see the results that focused sales and marketing alignment drives. Our beta participants found that Elevate content shared from Sales Navigator netted higher engagement rates than the same content shared across the whole Elevate program, indicating a fit between the content pushed to the platform and the audiences sellers are sharing it to. 

Put simply, this integration makes curated content sharing easier for sellers by putting it front and center in their Sales Navigator homepage.

To learn more about this update, visit the product release page. Or learn more about LinkedIn Elevate, to take the first step in harnessing the power of your content strategy.