Announcing the Expanded LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program

Introducing 19 new partners to help you achieve more on LinkedIn

August 7, 2017

LinkedIn Marketing Partners

Let’s face it, being a marketer isn’t as easy as it used to be. With a constantly changing digital marketing landscape and rising expectations, it can feel like there’s never enough time in the day to do it all. In light of this, marketers are increasingly turning to technology and service providers to help them do more with less. In fact, according to a recent Chief Marketing Technologist study, 59% of marketers now devote at least 10% of their budgets to technology and 70% plan to increase their investment this year.  But with so many options to choose from, finding the right provider isn’t always easy.

That’s why three years ago we established the LinkedIn Marketing Partner program, a community of technology and service providers that marketers can leverage to improve ROI on LinkedIn. Since then, companies like OpenDNS, Lenovo and Hired have used the program to get matched with leading third-party marketing solutions and drive amazing results.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded the LinkedIn Marketing Partner program and added 19 partners across three new categories (Marketing Analytics, Audience Management and Media Buying) to give you even more options for getting the help you need to be successful on LinkedIn.

The partner program is rooted in our efforts to make it easier for marketers to work with us on a global scale. We’ve integrated with each of our new partners’ technology and service offerings, making it easier to target, manage and report on LinkedIn campaigns if you’re working with a partner today.

With the expansion, you can now leverage LinkedIn-approved partners who specialize in one or more of the following categories:

  • LinkedIn Marketing Partners

Let’s have a look at our three new partner categories and how they can help you target the right audiences, drive better insights and help improve the ROI of your campaigns on LinkedIn.

  • Media Buying – Marketers often find themselves spending too much time on day-to-day campaign management and not enough time on strategy. Our Media Buying partners offer managed services that you can leverage to save time and boost LinkedIn ad campaign performance. We’re welcoming AdParlor, B2Linked and SocialCode to the program as our first three partners in this category.

  • Marketing Analytics – According to our long-time partner HubSpot, 40% of marketers think that proving ROI is their company’s top marketing challenge. Our Marketing Analytics partners offer technologies that help you prove ROI and make better marketing decisions on LinkedIn. The Marketing Analytics category includes seven new partners: Bizible, DashThis, Datorama, Hootsuite, Nugit, SocialBakers and Each partner has integrated with LinkedIn’s Marketing Analytics APIs, allowing you to access powerful campaign performance insights directly from their platforms.

  • Audience Management –  Account Based Marketing (ABM) success comes down to effectively reaching and engaging your customers and prospects. Our new Audience Management partners offer technologies that help you target your contacts through LinkedIn Matched Audiences and manage contacts generated through LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to boost ABM performance. We’ve added data management solutions Acxiom and LiveRamp, marketing automation platforms Oracle Eloqua and Marketo, CRM Microsoft Dynamics, and systems integrators Driftrock and Zapier as new partners to this category. Integrated with LinkedIn’s Audience Management API, these partners allow you to target and manage audiences more effectively on LinkedIn.

The expansion also includes the addition of two new Asia Pacific-based partners to our Content Marketing partner category. We’re excited to welcome FrogIdeas and Text100 to our partner community and provide our customers in India, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia with more third party options for creating and managing their content on LinkedIn.

Today’s update is just one of the many ways we’re improving the LinkedIn Marketing Partner program. Stay tuned for more updates over the coming year. To learn more about our program visit our new website.