Brand Safety and Context on the LinkedIn Audience Network

September 6, 2017

LinkedIn Audience Network

At LinkedIn, it’s our top priority to promote your content in a high-quality and brand-safe context. To that end, we’ve taken measures to ensure brand safety within our recently launched LinkedIn Audience Network and give you control over where your ads appear within the network.

First, we vet our partner publishers to ensure that they meet LinkedIn’s advertising guidelines and quality standards. In addition, we block any apps or websites that would reasonably be considered controversial or offensive, particularly in a professional context. For example, we block dating apps, celebrity news publishers, and similar placements.

Second, we regularly monitor campaign activity on our partner properties in the network. This helps us place your ads in brand-safe environments that are free of unwanted activity. In addition, because Audience Network campaigns only serve to LinkedIn members, you can be sure that there are real people seeing and clicking on your ads.

Third, we give you control over where your ads will appear on the Audience Network through block-listing at the publisher level and the IAB category level.

For example, if you do not want your ads to appear on publishers within a certain IAB category, such as financial planning or air travel, then you can choose to exclude those kinds of placements from your Audience Network campaign. In Campaign Manager, all you need to do is check the categories you wish to exclude. Your ads won’t appear on apps or sites matching the categories you block.

In addition, you can block specific apps or sites from your campaign by uploading a custom list of domains, Apple App Store URLs, or Google Play Store URLs where you don’t want your ads to appear. When you upload a block list, LinkedIn won’t run your ads on the particular apps or sites on your list:

For LinkedIn, it’s critical that we deliver a brand safe environment for marketers, and the LinkedIn Audience Network was designed with a priority on brand safety. You can read more about our brand safety efforts on our LinkedIn Help Center, and in our Brand Safety one-sheeter here. Get started with the brand-safe LinkedIn Audience Network by visiting Campaign Manager today.