LinkedIn Now Has 500 Million Members: Here’s What That Means for Marketers

April 25, 2017

LinkedIn Now Has 500 Million Members: Here’s What That Means for Marketers

When Reid HoffmanAllen BlueKonstantin GuerickeEric Ly and Jean-Luc Vaillant launched LinkedIn in 2003, they had a solid business plan. But they couldn’t possibly have guessed they’d go from 4,500 members after the first month to nearly 500 million in 2017.

In the midst of that growth, LinkedIn’s founders and employees have never lost sight of the company’s mission: To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. We believe relationships matter and members should come first. Here at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, we are dedicated to helping marketers like you succeed in business and in your career.

Your Audience is Within Reach

With half a billion members, and two more joining every second, LinkedIn is the best place to reach your target audience. Where else can you access tens of millions of senior-level influencers and decision makers, people with 2X the buying power of the average web audience? These professionals come to LinkedIn to engage with other professionals and consume high-quality content. That means you can put your content in the hands of the right prospective buyers to boost brand awareness, establish thought leadership, and drive qualified leads.

Expanding Your Possibilities

LinkedIn grew up in the open-source era, and we embrace the principles of being an open, scalable platform. This translates into providing you with the tools and insights you need to realize the best possible returns from your marketing investments. One example is our move to open up our data pipes to partners. LinkedIn now has a vibrant community of partners that further expands the possibilities of how you can market to who matters on LinkedIn.

More, Better Opportunities to Advertise

We admit it: LinkedIn was once a venue for mostly big budget marketers. But no more. Just as we’re democratizing access to our data, we’re democratizing access to our advertising solutions. No matter what your budget, you can take advantage of advertising on LinkedIn to achieve your goals.

In addition to making it easier to advertise on LinkedIn, we are making it easier to collect leads. Because our Lead Gen Forms come pre-filled with LinkedIn profile data, your target audience can share their professional info with a single click, even from their mobile phones. By streamlining the process for your prospects, you increase the number of lead forms submitted, all while knowing you’ll be collecting complete, accurate information.

A Sophisticated Approach to Marketing  

With all the tools and data at our disposal, there’s never been a better time to embrace a sophisticated approach to marketing. When you market on LinkedIn – and even when you engage the LinkedIn audience beyond the platform – performance insights empower you to optimize your campaigns in real time. With rich audience data at your fingertips, you can execute contextual marketing at scale in support of your Account-Based Marketing (ABM), programmatic, and other programs. Best of all, you can prove to your executive team that your efforts are resulting in revenue demonstrating with data just how sophisticated your company’s marketing has become.

Build Your Personal Brand

Let’s not forget our roots. The idea for LinkedIn started with the premise that it’s vital for professionals to build and leverage their professional networks. Though the LinkedIn platform has evolved since its beginnings, that core belief still holds true. It’s not just a place for you to drive results for your company; it’s also a place to build your professional brand. Whether you want to expand your network, demonstrate your thought leadership, or showcase your professional best for half a billion people to see, you can do it all from your LinkedIn profile.

We’re Just Getting Started

While we’ve come a long way since 2003, we see endless possibilities for LinkedIn and its value to marketers. For one, our acquisition by Microsoft paves the way for further reaching marketing opportunities. As LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner explains, combining forces unlocks tremendous possibilities such as:

  • Massively scaling the reach and engagement of LinkedIn by using the network to power the social and identity layers of Microsoft's ecosystem of over one billion customers. 
  • Giving LinkedIn Sponsored Content customers the ability to reach Microsoft users anywhere across the Microsoft ecosystem.

We may have grown, but our mission to help marketers succeed in their jobs and careers remains the same.

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