LinkedIn Partners With DataSift to Give B2B Marketers Advanced Data Insights

January 18, 2017

LinkedIn Partners With DataSift

Today’s B2B content marketers live and die by data, and knowing what matters to their audiences can mean boom or bust. But with so much data to crunch, it’s harder than ever to cut through the noise and understand who they should target, how they should communicate and what kind of content to create.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights, a reporting API solution sold by DataSift, that lets marketers around the world access LinkedIn data to help them improve engagement with their content and deliver positive ROI on LinkedIn. Built in a way that respects member’s privacy, LinkedIn Engagement Insights helps marketers make more informed creative and targeting decisions so they can be more successful on LinkedIn.

Our strategic partnership with DataSift is rooted in a desire to help marketers take the guesswork out of media planning and ad optimization on LinkedIn. Through LinkedIn Engagement Insights, marketers can get the information they need to build better marketing campaigns and more effectively reach premium professional audiences on LinkedIn.  

“Being able to make data-driven decisions is vital for us to increase the reach and success of our clients’ campaigns on LinkedIn,” says Eleonore Laubier, Business Integration Lead at Publicis Media, who has been piloting LinkedIn Engagement Insights for their B2B campaigns. “We started using LinkedIn Engagement Insights with UBS, one of our biggest global clients, and were so impressed by the results that we’ve started integrating it into our Connected Intelligence tool for all of our clients. We now have a more in-depth understanding of our clients’ target audiences and can use the data to optimize campaigns on LinkedIn, as well as create and target custom audiences.”

Marketers can filter the interests and opinions of professionals through a variety of dimensions including industry, seniority, company size, job title, job function and more. The multi-dimensional data helps B2B marketers discover the right audiences, create better content and understand how their brand stacks up against the competition on LinkedIn.

For example, let’s say you’re a marketer at a software company interested in reaching IT decision makers in the US, but you aren’t sure how to target them or with what content. Using LinkedIn Engagement Insights, you can discover that this audience is most engaged with SaaS, business intelligence and “big data” themed content. This information can help you recognize how to best reach them on LinkedIn, and with what content, in a way that works within the context of your marketing strategy.

Member privacy is a priority at LinkedIn and LinkedIn Engagement Insights was designed to respect the privacy of our more than 467M members. DataSift’s PYLON reporting API lets marketers build customized reports that feature aggregated audience, content and company data in a way that prevents LinkedIn private member data from being collected or viewed.

We strive to be a more open and scalable platform where our customers have the tools and insights they need to make better marketing decisions that can lead to better performance on LinkedIn. Our partnership with DataSift is a demonstration of our effort to do just that.

For more information on LinkedIn Engagement Insights, please visit our website or contact the DataSift team directly at