Introducing LinkedIn Video Ad Creation Through Scope by 4C

July 16, 2019

Editor's Note: This guest post is authored by Aaron Goldman, CMO, 4C 

The average American adult spends a staggering amount of time watching video: almost 6 hours per day. Following this consumer trend, marketers are increasingly turning to video as the format of choice to engage their audiences across channels through sight, sound, and motion.

To see how engagement changes when video comes into play, let’s have a look back at my own LinkedIn history:

Last month, I posted one article each week and shared a handful of posts, each of which got a respectable level of engagement and netted ~3,000 combined views. 

During that time, I also posted a video from the Gartner Xpo in San Diego, and that single asset generated 3,800+ views. 

It’s clear from my own personal experience and the benchmarks that we see at 4C that video performs well in a professional environment. It draws people in and delivers a message in a far more dynamic way than images or text. That performance only increases when you’re able to whittle down the audience that sees your video to your most valuable prospects and consumers.

With this in mind, I am excited to announce that LinkedIn video ads are now available through Scope by 4C. Video has become the performance marketing medium of choice for brands – in fact, over half of all ads bought through Scope include video – and LinkedIn video ads are bringing a new opportunity to advertisers looking to reach a highly engaged business audience. 

LinkedIn excels at fostering a community where businesses and people can connect, individuals can pursue professional opportunities, and company execs can identify opportunities for their businesses. This naturally creates a space where businesses can advertise to each other, as well as to employees and potential new hires. 

But the relevancy of LinkedIn advertising extends beyond B2B advertisers. The same people using this platform to make professional connections with individuals and businesses are also consumers of B2C brands, making it an integral part of any brand’s cross-channel video strategy, whether their audience is primarily businesses or consumers. 

With video’s place in marketing strategies continuing to grow in importance, brands that create video-centric, cross-channel campaigns will be able to better connect with their audiences. At 4C, we’re excited to help brands leverage LinkedIn video ads as an important part of their media mix.

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