Events 2.0: Live with Marketers is Back to Unpack Virtual Experiences

Adobe’s Ryan Lytle and LinkedIn’s Chris Packard Discuss the Shift to Virtual Events

July 14, 2020

Live With Marketers: Alex Rynne, Ryan Lytle, Chris Packard

When we first launched Live with Marketers several years ago, our mission was simple: help solve marketing problems, by bringing together smart marketers to unpack them. The real-time, organic nature of these live discussions has always been integral, so naturally, we've wondered what the series will look like as we adapt to a reshaped environment.

We know we're far from alone. In a recent LinkedIn survey, transitioning from in-person to online events was cited as the second-largest concern marketers are facing right now, after budget cuts. So as we transition our own in-person talk show into the "At Home" format, the pivot to virtual felt like a fitting subject to explore.

On Tuesday, July 21st, Live with Marketers returns with a new episode set that zooms in on the ongoing evolution of business — hopefully while avoiding Zoom fatigue. We’ll talk with Adobe’s Ryan Lytle and LinkedIn’s Chris Packard about how they quickly adapted and shifted to virtual events.  

What Is Live with Marketers?

It's an award-winning show produced by LinkedIn where real marketers talk about real marketing challenges they have and how they’ve overcome them. And being real means addressing the negatives along with the positives. So as we take a deep dive into one of the most critical topics in marketing at this moment, you can expect to find candid and practical advice from your peers in the field. 

Events 2.0: The New Virtual Experience

Doing something fast and doing something well can often be mutually exclusive. Yet, many marketers now find themselves tasked with taking their events strategy online quickly, and getting it right the first time. Our new episode will walk you through the implications and hidden barriers in making a smooth shift. 

While this transition may be driven by immediate circumstances, it’s likely that virtual experiences will play a bigger ongoing role in many marketing strategies, especially once teams learn how to embrace the benefits and negate the downsides. 

As your host for the episode, I’ll help guide you through the pros and cons. Here’s what else we have in store:

  • Breaking down findings from a recent survey on how marketers are adapting to the pandemic’s impacts.
  • Reckoning with the realities of “Zoom fatigue” as teams and viewers become acclimated to a socially distanced world.
  • Chatting with Adobe’s Director of Social Media Ryan Lytle to learn how his team made a quick pivot to digital with its Adobe Summit event, with best practices and measurement tips.
  • LinkedIn’s Chris Packard joins to share a behind-the-scenes look at how our Media Productions team went virtual overnight, with insights on recreating the magic of live events and recommendations on creating a home setup.

You aren’t gonna want to miss out on this special episode of Live with Marketers. And if you register now, you won’t! We’ll be going live on July 21st at 2:00 PM Eastern Time. See you there.