Use These 21 LinkedIn SlideShare Tips and Facts to Supercharge Your Content Marketing

February 15, 2016

One of the major challenges of marketing in the B2B space is communicating complex information in a compelling way. As marketers, we know that content with a strong visual component appeals to readers. But it can be difficult to, for example, distil a 3,000 word white paper into an infographic.

Slide-based presentations are a great way to give your audience the information they need in an attention-grabbing visual format. LinkedIn SlideShare was designed to make it easy to share, embed, and amplify your presentations. As the service has evolved, LinkedIn has added functionality that makes SlideShare an indispensable tool for marketers.

What is SlideShare? SlideShare is an innovative platform you can use to present content visually through a series of slides that can be embedded into a website, blog post, article, or viewed on its own. It’s an essential solution to share your PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF files with your followers and readers, and is formatted specifically to allow for increased sharing, amplification and visibility.

Read on to see how LinkedIn SlideShare can boost your B2B content marketing efforts through increased visibility, advanced functionality, and more.

Visibility on LinkedIn SlideShare

1. LinkedIn SlideShare reaches 70 million unique visitors a month. The site is now among the top 100 most-visited websites in the world.

2. Users upload 400,000 new presentations each month.

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3. Google indexes every presentation on the platform. LinkedIn SlideShare gets more than 80 percent of its traffic through organic search, so your presentations can give your brand an SEO advantage.

4. The platform automatically creates a transcript of all uploaded presentations. The transcript provides greater accessibility and helps to increase search engine visibility.

5. LinkedIn SlideShare is a global platform: 89 percent of SlideShare’s mobile app users are outside of the U.S. India, Brazil and Mexico rank as the top three countries outside the U.S. for presentation views on mobile.

Portability on LinkedIn SlideShare

6. The LinkedIn SlideShare mobile app automatically optimizes your content for mobile.

7. The mobile app gets nine times more engagement than the mobile web and desktop experiences.

8. Mobile users are most active between 8 A.M. and 2 P.M., with a second traffic spike in the late evening. That means your content can reach your audience outside of working hours.

How to Generate Leads on LinkedIn SlideShare

9. It’s easy to capture leads with a SlideShare presentation. You can embed a lead form into any existing presentation, or include one when you upload something new.

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10. Guide your reader to the next step by linking to a blog post or other asset directly from your slides.

11. Use SlideShare’s free analytics reporting for deeper insight. It includes metrics on geographical distribution, traffic sources, and timing to help marketers determine what’s working—and what’s not working.

Branding on LinkedIn SlideShare

12. Add presentations to your LinkedIn profile directly from SlideShare to boost your personal brand. So far, members have posted more than 20 million SlideShares to LinkedIn.

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13. Extend your brand identity to your SlideShare account with the Profile Customization tool. Use the banner and profile images to create continuity, and highlight your most valuable assets front and center.

14. To get more mileage from your SlideShare presentations, you can now clip and save the best slides from presentations and make custom boards to share with your network.


15. SlideShare has integrated support for Haiku Deck. You can create beautiful presentations with Haiku Deck, then seamlessly add them to SlideShare.

16. Turn short SlideShare presentations into animated .gifs with GifDeck. You can embed the animation in Twitter posts, Facebook posts, email, and more.

LinkedIn SlideShare Best Practices

17. The most popular presentations have an average of 37 or more images. Good visuals increase retention by up to 42%.

18. SlideShare recommends using fewer than 30 words per slide, using a big font for mobile-friendliness, and using no more than two fonts to give your presentation a clean look.

19. Research says bullet points make information more difficult to remember. Instead create slides with minimal text, use lots of images, and try to feature just one idea on each slide.

20. The first slide in your presentation will display as a thumbnail whenever you share your deck, so make sure it will grab readers’ attention.

21. SlideShare features handpicked presentations on its homepage. To stand out from the crowd and get noticed by SlideShare editors, write a powerful headline, tell a compelling story, and use good design principles.

SlideShare presentations are a versatile way to share eye-catching content. With lead capturing capabilities and built-in analytics, they’re a worthwhile addition to any marketer’s content strategy. If you aren’t yet using SlideShare to its full potential, these tips can help you get started.

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