Pathfinders of Trust

How to build brand trust

October 19, 2017

Pathfinders of Trust

The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer shows a crisis in trust across all institutions. Over the last 12 months, businesses, along with the media, governments and NGOs have all suffered from a disintegration of consumer, or public, trust.

This has huge implications for brands.

Combined with the issues of fake news, ad viewability and ad fraud, this seismic change in trust has left marketers facing their biggest challenge of a generation.

In this post-truth landscape, how can you help your brand earn trust? How do you improve your brand’s reputation? What tools can you use to combat skepticism and build credibility?

To answer those questions and more, we’ve created Currency of Trust, a content hub dedicated to providing the tips, tools and information you need to start creating an authentic and authoritative relationship with your customers.

Pathfinders of Trust

Our Pathfinders of Trust video series features marketers and sector specialists who are meeting the trust challenge head on. These Pathfinders can teach you about the importance of brand credibility and how to start laying the foundation of trust for your brand today.

For example, listen to Pathfinder Frank Cooper, Global Chief Marketing Officer at BlackRock to find out why, in today’s society, walking the walk is just as important as talking the talk. Frank believes that the days of brands saying one thing and doing another are long gone. Brand trust can only be built, he says, by communicating a higher purpose and living that vision every day, across all platforms.

The foundation of trust is the intention of the brand or the company. That’s the core of trust today.”  - Frank Cooper, Global Chief Marketing Officer, BlackRock

Or watch Pathfinder Susan Canavari, Chief Brand Officer at Chase and listen to her recommendations on building brand credibility. Due to the growing realization by customers, in today’s fake news world, of the importance of trust, Susan says that by putting their money where their mouths are and impacting policy, brands can define an established and credible role in their customers’ lives.

People now understand how important it is to understand what is true and what is not true as there is so much at stake.” - Susan Canavari, Chief Brand Officer, Chase

You can also listen to Pathfinder Deidre H. Campbell, Global Chair, Financial Services Sector at Edelman explain how the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer uncovered one way in which financial services can lift themselves off the bottom of the trust rankings - by using their employees as brand advocates.

Employees are an army of brand ambassadors that have a lot to say to promote and defend their organizations.” - Deidre H. Campbell, Global Chair, Financial Services Sector, Edelman

For Pathfinder Ben Boyd, President of Practices/Sectors at Edelman meanwhile, trust is simply another brand asset that should be managed appropriately. As with his Pathfinder colleagues, Ben believes context is king. Where brands publish their content is as important as what they publish.

To build brand trust, treat it as an asset and understand the fragility and importance of this asset and strategically manage it.” - Ben Boyd, President of Practices/Sectors, Edelman

And finally, learn how according to Pathfinder Rishad Tobaccowala, Chief Growth Officer at Publicis Groupe, authenticity is key – especially in the financial services sector. Do brands have a role as repositories of trust and how can they shape this through using their employee networks?

The most successful ways to build trust for your brand? Be authentic. Be purposeful. Be transparent.” - Rishad Tobaccowala, Chief Growth Officer, Publicis Groupe

Visit the Currency of Trust hub now and watch our Pathfinders offer tips on how to build customer relationships in today’s post-truth world.