LinkedIn: Advancing Healthcare Marketing in a New World

September 1, 2020


Even before the pandemic struck, healthcare marketing was at a turning point. Challenged by rising costs, evolving consumer expectations, disruptive new market entrants and complex health and technology ecosystems, healthcare marketers are facing a growing impetus to evolve. 

There are four key challenges today: trust, targeting, mindset and engagement. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our Healthcare Hub for marketers, built to help you meet these challenges. 

LinkedIn is showing up for healthcare – helping you to engage, target and measure your priority audiences with the right resources and tools. 

Source: LinkedIn Internal Data

Engaging Healthcare audiences with the most relevant insights

A fantastic way to connect with Healthcare practitioners, providers, patients and policymakers is to know exactly what they’re talking about right now. One of the fastest-growing topics of conversation in the industry today is telemedicine. 

On LinkedIn, we see this trend taking shape. From early February to late March, the volume of content about telemedicine on LinkedIn spiked by 726% and engagement with this content grew by a massive 691%. 

This is just one example of how timely content creation on LinkedIn can connect with an active, engaged audience. Our Healthcare Hub outlines other ways your brand can reach a large, diverse group of Healthcare professionals with meaningful, purposeful engagement – and create ambassadors in the process.

Targeting Healthcare audiences with accuracy and precision

Accuracy matters, particularly in a highly specialized industry like Healthcare. With LinkedIn Matched Audiences, you can search diverse parameters like company name, job title, or contact ID to increase reach by up to 25%. 

Combining first party data, such as company name and job title, with derived data, such as job seniority derived from title, creates powerful datasets for audience curation. Going one step further to add behavioral data means you can also target personas within key groups, such as Opinion Leaders or Mass Affluent.

Our Healthcare Hub highlights the right approaches to help Healthcare brands identify, qualify and convert valuable leads on a trusted platform. 

Measuring what matters with the right tools

According to our ‘Measure What Matters: How to Measure Meaningful Marketing Impact 2019’ study, only 18% of marketers feel that they are accurately measuring ROI. That’s why, in partnership with industry leaders, we’re building audience measurement tools to help Healthcare marketers accurately track performance.

Our Sentiment Analysis reports deliver deep data into consumer sentiment on LinkedIn. Tailor-made to meet a brand’s unique needs, these reports uncover insights that can’t be found elsewhere. 

Truly impactful marketing will power your pipeline and your bottom line. With LinkedIn, marketers can gather the data they need to know if their campaign is resonating using AdEFX, a measurement tool. This survey-based research delivers actionable data on your priority audiences – measuring performance with top-funnel metrics such as brand awareness, favorability, consideration and message association. With AdEFX, marketers can also gather real-time campaign data that allows you to optimize and target your marketing fast. 

Visit our Healthcare Hub for further insights on how you can use LinkedIn analysis to measure engagement, better understand ROI, identify reputational risks and hone your brand’s purpose.

Optimizing your brand on a trusted platform

LinkedIn is a uniquely purposeful platform for Healthcare marketers. Consistently voted the world’s most trusted social network in Business Insider’s Digital Trust Reports, our platform is rated highly for shareability, user experience and relevance. 

LinkedIn is where Healthcare professionals gather and engage with meaningful content. There are 8.6 million Healthcare practitioners on the platform, along with 600,000 institutional investors and 12 million CXOs. 

LinkedIn Healthcare influencers combined have over 2.4M followers, a vast community that is engaging around healthcare trends. Our Healthcare Hub reflects our focus on creating value for Healthcare brands and marketers. This is where you will find all the tools you need to educate, engage and advocate for your brand on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Healthcare influencers combined have over 2.4M followers, a vast community that is engaging around healthcare trends.

Primed and ready

LinkedIn’s combination of context and trust creates a place where a willing audience is gathered, ready to engage with compelling content. According to the Content Marketing Institute, LinkedIn is the most effective platform for content marketing. It’s where 82% of B2B marketers realize their greatest success and it’s responsible for 80% of social leads generated by B2B companies.

With millions of Healthcare professionals, decision-makers, investors and other key audiences, marketers on LinkedIn can target Healthcare networks to connect, innovate, educate and collaborate with purpose.

Visit the Healthcare Hub today to advance your marketing strategy and find out how LinkedIn can support the goal of the healthcare industry to build purposeful communities, improve CX, and drive ROI with LInkedIn solutions.