“You’ve got to keep your eye on what the client is saying on the ground. That’s what’s so great about LinkedIn, you see the customer on the ground. You can also alter audiences and make changes as you go. It’s the perfect platform to partner with the campaigns that we’re trying to drive.”


- Isa Grimes 
Global Marketing Director, IQVIA

Healthcare Professionals on LinkedIn

Advertise across meaningful topics and categories

“Whereas we can reach huge audiences on other platforms outside of LinkedIn, we don’t reach a quality of a certain audience. And that’s why we really believe that it’s the most trusted platform out there.”


- Lauren Ruotolo
Director of Creative Partnerships, Johnson & Johnson

“LinkedIn has consistently contributed 30%+ of our paid channel success since August of 2021 and the highest volume of leads to date.”


- Valerie Kile
Performance Marketing Manager, Alma