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Examples of successful disease awareness campaigns on LinkedIn

  • Talking to patients about signs and symptoms
  • Helping caregivers be the best providers
  • Engaging with all of your consumers
  • From oncologists to patients - with events and research
  • Starting a dialogue on policy changes

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Educate: Covid-19 content best practices

  • See how Johnson & Johnson built an audience with a weekly series about the vaccine
  • Discover how Abbot promoted earned media coverage
  • Learn how Walgreens created thought leadership around healthy work environments

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Health and wellness observances: key dates for your marketing calendar

  • There are many days, weeks and months dedicated to raising awareness about important health topics. Start putting these wellbeing moments into your marketing calendar and create timely opportunities to connect with audiences on LinkedIn.

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10-minute read

What you need to know about advanced health marketing strategies today

  • Learn how the healthcare industry is changing
  • See how a focus on trust is a new opportunity for healthcare marketers
  • Discover how LinkedIn can take healthcare marketing strategies to the next level

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Take the course: Put your customer first and become a healthcare thought leader

  • Increase trust with thought leadership
  • Drive demand with full-funnel strategies
  • Deliver the right messages to the right audiences

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Caring wins: In pursuit of brand purpose and reputation

  • The role of brand purpose can be easily overlooked in the Healthcare sector. What is it that makes your organization uniquely purposeful? We look at how to dig deep and build purposeful brands and communities on LinkedIn.

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How AstraZeneca beat benchmarks on LinkedIn

How AstraZeneca beat benchmarks on LinkedIn

  • AstraZeneca marketers used LinkedIn to run a pilot branded Sponsored Messaging campaign, providing the highest click-through rate the product has seen on any social media platform.

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Recruiting candidates in the healthcare industry

  • Learn how to find, engage, attract, and interview in-demand healthcare talent.

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