How Thought Leadership Impacts Demand Generation

August 24, 2017

With trust playing an ever-more important role in shaping brand perception and consumer confidence, marketers today are uniquely positioned to build meaningful relationships with customers. However, as research from Edelman & LinkedIn recently found, most marketers drastically undervalue their company’s greatest asset: thought leadership.

For example, did you know that thought leadership aids the vetting process of 63% of Business Decision-Makers? It can also win business, generate RFPs, and enhance the likelihood of your brand making it onto the vendor short list. But, by focusing on channels rather than the psychological and emotional drivers of purchase behaviors, modern marketing has yet to crack the code when it comes to leveraging thought leadership to drive demand. This is because the true value of thought leadership is often assumed, but rarely measured. Until now.

Surveying 1,300 C-suite executives (CXOs) and business decision-makers (BDMs), we found that thought leadership has a profound impact on customers and prospects throughout all stages of the buying journey. In fact, good thought leadership can significantly influence the reputation of brands, products, people and services— with some of our key findings revealing:

  • 82% of BDMs say thought leadership increased their trust in an organization.
  • 9 in 10 BDMs believe that it’s important, very important or mission critical that organizations produce thought leadership.
  • 79% of CXOs want thought leadership to reveal new trends or issues.

So where should marketers begin? What characteristics of successful thought leadership drive engagement — and how can you close the attribution gap? Join me and Phil Gomes, SVP of U.S. B2B Digital at Edelman on Tuesday, August 29th, for a live webcast exploring these questions. We’ll provide definitive answers for B2B marketers and more, including:

  • Compelling data that justifies the value of thought leadership, especially when marketers today underestimate its value to the bottom line.
  • Tactics to take action and craft compelling content that keep clients and prospects abreadth of industry trends.
  • Examples of best-in-class thought leadership on LinkedIn.

We hope you’ll join us. You can register for The Impact of Thought Leadership on Demand Generation here.