Is Your Content Marketing Tapping Into the Minds of Today’s Tech Professionals?

January 24, 2017

Technology professionals are savvy and sophisticated, so when it comes to examining why they value content and the role it plays in their decision journey, it makes sense that tech pros gravitate towards channels and content that cultivate their expertise and keep them engaged.

We believe every tech marketer should have the tools and insights necessary to help them reach and connect with prospects and customers. That’s why we surveyed over 1,400 members of the global tech community in our latest guide, “Tapping into the Minds of Today’s Tech Professionals."

The research, which seeks to better understand how today’s technology audience is influenced on their path to purchase, explores the changing content preferences of today’s technology professionals — specifically uncovering:

  • How — and where — tech professionals are really engaging with content.
  • Whose opinions do tech professionals trust most.
  • Why content plays a bigger role than ever in shaping the decision journey of those in the tech industry.
  • What tech marketers can do to create content that resonates with tech professionals and draws them to take action.

"Tapping into the Minds of Today’s Tech Professionals" will help you:

  • Gain intelligence on what and where to focus your content marketing efforts with IT and business decision makers.
  • Learn tips and tactics for creating relevant, actionable content that informs tech buyers, and influencers, throughout their technology buying decisions.
  • Become an even more savvy and sophisticated technology marketer in 2017.

To take a deeper dive into the mind of today's tech professionals and access the entire survey, download "Tapping into the Minds of Today's Tech Professonals" right away.