Marketing Through the Lens of Internet & IT Pros

March 8, 2017

When you’re a marketer communicating with the technology industry, one that is itself characterized by rapid technological transformation, it’s important to remember that your savviest customers are also today's top tech talent. Luckily, tapping into knowledge about various idiosyncracies and habits of technology decision-makers can help boost your skills and effectiveness as a marketer.

With over 467 million members across nearly every industry, LinkedIn has unparalleled insight into business decision makers. We leveraged LinkedIn data to uncover new insights on talent dynamics within key sectors of technology. In the coming weeks, we’re excited to release these actionable findings as a series of infographics designed to equip and empower tech marketers with information on the core personas that matter most.

Today, we kick off our series exploring LinkedIn’s U.S. Internet and Internet Technology & Services cohort, specifically sharing:

  • Education, growth, and job migration patterns — 13% of Internet and IT & Services professionals currently hold a postgraduate degree.

  • Geographic hotspots where these two sectors are thriving — Austin, Seattle, and Denver reign supreme!

  • Professional behavior and attitudes towards work — more than one-third seek the ability to make an impact.

  • Top companies, influencers, groups, and news sources within each sector — from TechCrunch to TED talks.

  • Critical takeaways for marketers when engaging with the Internet and Internet Technology & Services community — craft compelling thought leadership using our insights.

Dive into the Infographic below to take your knowledge of the tech marketer’s Internet Technology & Services customers to the next level.

For more information and technology marketing insights, stay tuned for additional installments of our “Through the Lens” series and download our eBook, The Future Tech Buying Committee: Millennials and GenX Decision-Makers Achieving MORE, Together.