Tales From Tech: How 3 Companies Harnessed LinkedIn for Significant ROI Results

April 22, 2017

Tech Marketers on LinkedIn

When business decision-makers are evaluating new technology, they rely on relevant and robust insights to help them. And to successfully market against this cohort, getting the right information into the right hands is critical. While you may be utilizing content on LinkedIn to educate and support technology decision-makers, a number of tech marketers are successfully leveraging the platform for powerful lead-generation and conversion efforts.

We recently studied the stories of Highfive, FireEye, and Spigit to see how they utilized LinkedIn to increase the success of their lead-generation campaigns. All are finding unexpected opportunity and leveraging the platform for stronger ROI metrics.

Read on to discover tips, takeaways, and best practices from these latest customer success stories.

Define and Refine for Quality Leads

While rich, relevant information is important for building trust with today’s technology buyers, in order to excel at high-value lead-generation, you must tap into a more influential, decision-making audience. While driving marketing initiatives on LinkedIn, Highfive, FireEye, and Spigit all saw an opportunity and refined their audience targeting to reach decision-makers more likely to convert to revenue. This approach placed each company at the center of a qualified universe without wasting spend on vanity metrics.

The result? By deploying Sponsored Content targeting specific ITDMs, software company Spigit achieved record click-thru and engagement rates. Furthermore, by harnessing the power of A/B testing, Spigit uncovered new best practices — including the realization that oftentimes ads that drive fewer leads can convert opportunities at much higher rates.

Combine Efforts to Decrease CPL

Savvy lead-generation marketers know the importance of driving costs down — so when it comes to campaign optimization, ensure your messaging resonates with your target audience.  To improve CPL, all three companies combined engagement tools, customized campaign assets, and data analysis to make the most of their marketing spend.

For example, when cybersecurity company FireEye combined the power of LinkedIn’s products and account team, they were able to more thoughtfully hone in on their campaign and achieve outstanding results. Over the course of their campaign’s duration, FireEye lowered CPL well below their targeted goal of $75, saw CTRs as high as 0.86% and experienced a whopping 17% conversion rate.

In the words of Craig Chappell, Global Director of Digital Marketing at FireEye, “we saw the most incredible quarter with LinkedIn. The quality of traffic we are getting is much higher than other platforms and a lot of our leads have turned into significant ROI.”

Seeing is Believing: Unexpected Impact to Cross-Channel Lift

For tech marketers, making your mark is all about reaching your audience at the heart of where they are online. Utilizing totally controllable, targeted demographic data and diving into conversion tracking and metrics for easy analysis, many marketers have seen the true cross-channel value of Sponsored Content on LinkedIn.

Video conferencing tech company Highfive looks to Sponsored Content to test new campaigns with A-B testing, and one pleasant surprise was the direct correlation they’ve seen between LinkedIn ad spending and organic search traffic. “LinkedIn has had incredible impact on both organic search and direct leads. On average, we’ve seen two organic search leads for every single incremental LinkedIn lead,” noted Clayton Pritchard, Growth Marketing Manager at Highfive.

Leads That Convert to Revenue

Simply, when it comes down to it, what marketers are ultimately looking for are quality leads that convert to revenue. So what are these three companies taking away from their tech marketing experience on LinkedIn?

  • For Highfive, FireEye and Spigit, the conversion tracking tool within LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager helped them to analyze the conversion rates of A/B testing and differing market sets.
  • This allowed them to determine which content is generating the most engagement and continue to hone their campaigns for maximum impact.
  • All three companies found that they increased their percentage of leads which converted to revenue.
  • Most notably, Spigit saw a 7X increase in their ROI, though not always due to the channels they expected.
“A lot of times we figured the ads that drove the most leads would return the most revenue. But when we’d dig deeper in Campaign Manager, we’d often discover that ads that drove fewer leads sometimes actually converted to opportunities at much higher rates.” says Lin Ling, Growth Marketer at Spigit.

Want to learn more about how they did it? Review the full case studies of Highfive, FireEye and Spigit to understand how they deployed and optimized LinkedIn Marketing Solutions campaigns to achieve results and fortify the impact of lead generation.

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