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  • Live With Marketers: Alex Rynne, Alex Sjogren, Tsvetan "T." Tsvetkov, Mike Menkes

    What Should You Be Measuring Now? Live With Marketers Is Tackling This Topic with Top Experts

    September 15, 2020

    Our modern ability to measure everything is both a blessing and curse. No matter what you want to track or quantify pertaining to your online marketing activities, there is likely a tool or solution that can do it. For the ambitious analytical mind, it can be tempting to try and measure it all, compiling mountains of metrics into massive dashboards. But in doing...

  • Female pharmacist putting bottles on shelf

    Measuring Healthcare Marketing’s Worth: 6 Steps to Drive Growth

    September 15, 2020

    In today’s digital age, Healthcare marketers are drowning in data that demonstrates the power of marketing to build brands, increase engagement, generate leads, and boost revenue. But many marketers struggle to prove their value and demonstrate ROI. What was a difficult proposition before the global pandemic is even more challenging today, as business needs and...

  • Slow Down When Measuring ROI

    A Top B2B Marketing Priority for 2020: Slow Down When Measuring ROI

    January 13, 2020

    How can we make sure we’re working and spending smarter than last year? That’s essentially the question we ask ourselves over and over during those meetings that tend to happen when the calendar comes full circle. These can be energizing times. Hope abounds when the marketing team collectively comes up for air and takes a step back for a hot second. But if you...

  • 2019 Marketing Benchmarks

    The 2019 Marketing Benchmarks Cheat Sheet

    March 3, 2019

    Editor’s Note: As 2020 begins, we're looking back at some of 2019's most popular posts on the LinkedIn Marketing Blog. This guest post...

  • ROI Metrics Acronyms

    ROI Acronyms that Marketers Need to Know in 2019

    January 24, 2019

    Editor's Note: As 2020 approaches, we're looking back at some of 2019's most popular posts on the LinkedIn Marketing Blog. This one...

  • ROI vs KPI

    The Crucial Difference Between KPI and ROI Metrics

    November 17, 2019

    Editor's Note: This blog post is based on a recent LinkedIn research report, "The Long and Short of ROI." For a deep dive into this...