What Content Do Tech Professionals Prefer? [Infographic]

February 9, 2017

What Content Do Tech Professionals Prefer?

In last week’s, “How Tech Professionals Engage with Content,” we explored the path tech professionals take when engaging with content on LinkedIn. Today we dive a little deeper, into the personas of the technology audience and how to achieve content effectiveness with this cohort.

In Part 2 of our infographic series, What Content Do Tech Professionals Prefer?” we reveal:

  • What content motivates technology professionals?
  • Who do they share content with and look to for thought leadership?
  • What types of content are key to cultivating interest?
  • What media is most engaging and effective?

With key findings that include:

Tech professionals engage with content because:

  • It’s well-written (25%). Quality matters.
  • Influencers are interesting and important to them (26%). Thought leadership from respectable peers and industry leaders are favored by tech pros.
  • It’s relevant to their company (35%). Helping tech pros do and learn more about their job is key.
  • Others in their network will find the topic appealing (42%). Tech pros aim to  participate in peer-to-peer discussion and share with those who are like-minded.
  • It helps with skill development (42%). Education is paramount to tech-minded individuals. They want content that provides new information and helps them hone their skills.

Tech professionals are consuming media in a few unique ways! Namely, they:

  • Listen to podcasts (30% - much more than their non-tech peers at 14%)
  • Watch webcasts (20%, as compared to 12% of non-techies)
  • Download whitepapers (A whopping 30% as opposed to only 9% of non-techies)
  • Follow a recognized industry expert/executive (70%, compared to 47% of non-techies)

Now that you’re equipped with new insights about how tech professionals engage with content on LinkedIn, you can better strategize your marketing efforts. The most important takeaway is to get straight to the point — include key details, have a distinct point of view, and a sense of humor!

Want to understand how the content tech pros consume shapes their buyer decision journey? Check out Part 1 of our infographic! And to see the full scope of LinkedIn’s tech professional research, download our latest e-book, “Tapping Into the Minds of Technology Professionals.