An Insider’s View of the Hardware Buying Journey

October 3, 2019

The hardware buying landscape is complex and competitive. Buyers must weigh the risks and benefits of different features and models across a wide field of products. Decisions are made after receiving feedback from internal stakeholders, product review sites, blogs, discussion boards and vendor websites.

To drive meaningful sales and renewals, branding and product-driven content must speak to key decision makers, influencers and end users over a two-year period — and across all “watering holes.” Based on LinkedIn’s own platform research, this infographic breaks down the hardware purchasing journey into six distinct phases that can help drive a more informed go-to-market approach. 

With less than a third of technology buyers and decision-makers willing to shortlist a new vendor, standing out as a hardware provider is tough work. Let our latest Enlightened Tech Buyer research be your guide and providing actionable insights for your marketing strategy.