Prepare for 2020 with Underscore: Our Magazine For Tech Marketers, by Tech Marketers

December 17, 2019

LinkedIn's Underscore magazine

Today’s technology buyers have more experience, access to information and connectivity than ever before. Marketing to them means taking a holistic perspective into account – one that drills deeper into understanding who they are, how they interact with their peer communities, the context in which they make decisions, and the precise ways that they expect technology solutions to solve their most complex problems. 

Because mastering tomorrow’s new era of decision-makers and influencers takes dedicated headspace, we’ve brought insights on this topic to life in our second edition of Underscore: A Magazine for Technology Marketers, by Technology Marketers

Within the curated pages of this second edition, you’ll find our latest report on technology buying and perspectives from leading marketers in the industry — everything from how to achieve marketing-sales alignment to advice on video creation and tips for high performing campaigns. As we move into 2020, we hope this content will help to fuel your growth and performance as new generations of buyers and customers take precedence. Here are a few top stories from our latest edition:

  • Building a roadmap for more effective channel marketing
  • Delighting customers post-sale through aligned marketing and sales
  • Interviews with HPE, Oracle and Tableau on audience-centric campaigns 
  • How to build and sustain market share in emerging tech 
  • Industry insights for 2020 planning and beyond
  • The secret to developing strong B2B video that captures attention and builds brand credibility

Get your copy today and let us know what you’d like to learn about in future editions!