What’s Next for Tech? Key Trends Shaping the Future of our Modern Workplace

June 26, 2020

Insights for today's evolving world of work for tech marketers infographic

Technology companies have a unique role to play in today’s economy and our ever-evolving modern workplace. Their tasks are simultaneously simple in theory and Herculean in execution: facilitate the continuation of business and transformation across our workforce. Clearly, this industry faces immense pressure. Yet for many technology companies, there’s an opportunity to accelerate a path toward hope and success on the other side of what we’re all living through. 

Whatever your role is — perhaps leading a team virtually, marketing technology-based solutions, or shaping the future vision of our industry — we are eager to find the data that can help us make sense of the current landscape. 

As the world’s leading community of builders, consumers, buyers, and sellers of technology, LinkedIn is fortunate to facilitate much of the dialogue around tech transformation. For example, our insights on content consumption among key audiences (IT Decision Makers, Small Business Professionals, and the C-Suite) help to capture top-of-mind themes for today’s professionals. 

Over the past several months, we’ve seen tremendous increases in article consumption and engagement in areas like Remote Working and Home Connectivity. With more companies shifting towards either fully or semi-distributed workforces, we expect this topic to remain a key area of focus for our members. The topic becomes even more intriguing as companies who help to make remote work possible demonstrate confidence in their own products by allowing most of their own workers to distance themselves from offices, possibly forever. 

In some areas like Software, we’ve actually seen major increases in engagement on the LinkedIn platform despite decreases in the number of articles published by professionals during this time period. This and similar insights can show technology marketers where there’s opportunity to add to the discussion. If you’re curious about what our data and panel of industry experts had to share about content consumption in the tech sector, view our latest infographic below, or download here

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