Three Companies Transforming Content Marketing by Empowering Their Employees

April 21, 2017

LinkedIn Elevate

There are plenty of compelling stats that show the advantages of including employee sharing in your content marketing strategy. Our research shows, for example, that the click-through rate on employee shares is 2x higher than company shares of the same content.  And that 3% of employees share content about their company, but they’re responsible for a 32% increase in engagement with that content.

These numbers make a good case for empowering employees to share content -- a concept called employee advocacy. But to truly understand how employee advocacy can transform a business, it’s important to look at specific real-world examples.

The following three companies realized substantial and lasting benefits from a committed, sustainable employee advocacy program. Read on to see how employee advocacy affects their sales, marketing, and ultimately revenue.

1. HSBC Helped Relationship Managers Build Stronger Customer Relationships

  • The Company: HSBC is a global banking and financial service organization, one of the world’s largest. They serve more than 45 million customers in 71 countries and territories.

  • The Goal: To position Relationship Managers as trusted partners for current and potential customers, and raise awareness of the brand.

  • The Program: The company chose LinkedIn Elevate as their platform, curating a feed of content from HSBC and third-party sources for employees to share. They built the program on a solid platform of metrics and goals, relying on Elevate for measurement and analysis.

  • The Results: With a formal advocacy program in place, HSBC has seen a 9x increase in employee sharing, influencing 3x faster employee network growth and 3x more views of employee profiles. Relationship Managers report that sharing content has increased their visibility with customers. Read a first-hand account of HSBC’s story here.

2. CEB Fostered Ongoing Engagement and Built Thought Leadership

  • The Company: CEB is an insight and technology company with more than 30 years of experience in the field. They equip senior leaders with the intelligence needed to manage customers, talent and operations.

  • The Goal: To drive brand awareness worldwide and increase employee social sharing, positioning their salespeople as truly informed partners for buyers.

  • The Program: CEB uses Elevate to help employees see the concrete, quantifiable benefits of their sharing. They use the platform to share content and surface insights on engagement with content and growth of employees’ professional networks. In other words, Elevate makes it easy for employees to see how their advocacy helps build their individual professional brands.

  • The Results: Employees have seen 4x faster connection growth on LinkedIn - connections that salespeople have been able to successfully engage with curated content. CEB’s salespeople come across as more knowledgeable and helpful due to their content sharing. Instead of an intrusive sales presence, CEB’s sales force is developing a reputation for being helpful and knowledgeable, a true ally throughout the purchase process. See CEB’s full story here.

3. Visa Cut through the Clutter with Employee Sharing

  • The Company: Visa has expanded beyond its roots as a credit card company, creating a global payments technology platform that enables banks, governments, businesses and consumers to use digital currency.

  • The Goal: To reach their target audience in a crowded content field by providing more authentic voices, and to empower employees to be more social on the brand’s behalf.

  • The Program: Visa partnered with LinkedIn Elevate to kick off their program. Elevate provided a customer success consultant that helped identify the right employees to lead the charge. With top social performers on board, Visa supplied a steady stream of brand and third-party content to share.

  • The Results: Employees in the program share 5x more frequently than before. Their sharing has influenced 4x more Company Page followers and 3x more Company Page views. In all, the company realized a 30% boost in their content marketing effectiveness, as expressed by LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score. Read Visa’s full story.

These three companies have achieved remarkable results with their employee advocacy programs. In each case, their success comes from strategically curating compelling content, encouraging employees to share, and tracking results in quantifiable ways. If your company can implement a program with these guidelines in mind, the next powerful success story could be yours.

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