Reach More of the Right Prospects with Audience Expansion for Sponsored Updates and Text Ads

February 12, 2015

Whether your marketing objective is to increase brand awareness or drive more qualified leads, reaching more of the right target audiences with the most relevant content is essential. To help meet this need, we are excited to announce Audience Expansion for Sponsored Updates and Text Ads, which enables you to share your content with audiences who share similar attributes with your target campaign audience.

Get Your Content in Front of More of the Right People

By simply selecting Audience Expansion, you can scale campaigns to prospects who are similar to your target audience and drive more of them into the marketing funnel.

What’s more, you can discover new audiences by leveraging facets such as groups, skills, and job titles that you may not have explored previously. For example, by entering in a dozen groups, you can leverage LinkedIn data to find similar audiences.

How It Works

Let’s say you are an advertiser targeting high-level executives at an industry-leading healthcare enterprise. Enabling Audience Expansion will serve Sponsored Updates from your campaign not only to CXOs at the target company, but also to CXOs at other large healthcare firms.

Or, let’s say you are targeting members with the skill “Online Advertising.” Audience Expansion enables you to serve your campaign to members who list the skill “Interactive Marketing” on his or her profile.

But most importantly, Audience Expansion allows you to reach an intended audience with less effort, while helping you discover members by automatically incorporating targeting criteria you may never have thought of before– and thus deliver an even better audience targeting experience.

This will enable you to further raise awareness for your company and ultimately help you build your brand, or find quality leads to expand your sales opportunities.

Go ahead, try it for yourself. Be sure to contact your LinkedIn account representative and start expanding your reach today.


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